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Schiff Offers Laughable, Untruthful Excuse for Ignoring FISA Abuses

Schiff Offers Laughable, Untruthful Excuse for Ignoring FISA Abuses
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Both Adam Schiff and James Comey engaged in a bit of an odd gloat-fest after Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released what most thought was a damning report. The two seemed to have actually read the thing since then, and offered some very hedged admissions of the obvious to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Well, Comey did, anyway.

Nicholas and Matt both wrote about Comey’s appearance, which was quite a departure from this usual unwarranted bravado.

Because he is a rabid, narcissistic ideologue, Schiff couldn’t match Comey’s hint of honesty. The one time when it seemed as if he might be heading for the truth he simply gave up a lame you-know-what-covering, which was easy to pick apart:

There ya go. A shoulder-shrugging admission of ignorance was the best he could offer.

Schiff was more concerned with dunking on Trump, Nunes, and the Republicans than in finding out if there was any truth whatsoever to what he was saying.

With that statement, Schiff essentially laid bare the fact that the Impeachment Kabuki Theater that he has been directing was never about principles. It is, as the president has been saying, a partisan witch hunt. This interview reveals that Schiff is driven by nothing but partisanship in all things Trump.

The problem was more than apparent two years ago. So much so that Devin Nunes put his concerns in writing. Schiff chose to behave like a feral animal rather than a grown-up tasked with a great responsibility.

His narcissism is pathological, however, and he will never admit any wrongdoing. His abuse of his power these past couple of years is far more deserving of impeachment than anything President Trump has done.

Here is the full interview. The first two-thirds are just Schiff offering his tired lamentations about Trump, then Wallace gets to the FISA stuff.