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Jeff Flake Pens Op-Ed to Remind Everyone Why He Was Run out of Office

Jeff Flake Pens Op-Ed to Remind Everyone Why He Was Run out of Office
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Jeff Flake is back with his mainstream media friends and spinning tales that are designed to do nothing more than cement his useful idiot status for his leftist overlords. The former senator from my home state of Arizona wrote an opinion piece on Monday for The Washington Post that was filled with tedious talking points that could have been fed to him by the DNC.

What’s even worse is that many of them are old DNC-esque talking points:

But I already had seen too much. Traveling overseas I witnessed the damage being done to our standing in the world as a result of President Trump’s fondness for authoritarians and his scorn for allies. His hostility toward security alliances and trade agreements had placed our long-term security and our economy at risk. His adoption of the tyrant’s phrase “enemy of the people” put journalists in even greater peril, all over the world. His resentment toward refugees and profane description of certain countries were destroying generations of goodwill.

Flake is like a sober version of Hillary Clinton. He just can’t let 2016 go.

Flake’s moral posturing is positively nausea-inducing. He’s blatantly trying to carve out a niche as the GOP’s conscience-in-exile, which is laughable to conservatives here in Arizona.

Flake has been using President Trump’s rise to power as an excuse for his failings as a senator and the fact that he had to abandoned re-election more than a year in advance because his poll numbers were so low.

In his version of the story — which he slogs through yet again in Monday’s op-ed — Arizona primary voters were bleeding MAGA red, and that meant that a deeply-principled Republican such as himself didn’t stand a chance.

Reality is different from Flake’s fairy tale. Kelli Ward — the most MAGA of the Republicans seeking to replace him — didn’t win the primary. Despite having that narrative blown up by facts, Flake keeps telling the story.

Principled Republicans who want their consciences to be clean can, of course, disagree with other Republicans — including the president — on a variety of issues. Siding with what has long been a thoroughly corrupt, subversive, and dishonest political press isn’t one of them, however.

When President Trump is finally out of office, the MSM will no longer have any use for Flake, and they will immediately toss him aside unless he becomes a Democrat, which is where most of the “principled” detractors of this president seem to be heading.

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