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Pelosi Caving to House Democratic Impeachment Caucus Hysteria

Pelosi Caving to House Democratic Impeachment Caucus Hysteria
(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Grandma Nan ain’t what she used to be:

ABC News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, facing a revolt from members of her caucus, has been compelled to hold an closed-door meeting Wednesday morning to deal with new pressure to go forward with an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Despite a growing number of Democrats tired of delay and calling for action, Pelosi on Tuesday continued to try to deflect the reality that her caucus is beginning to shift toward impeachment, telling ABC News, “No,” when asked if she was under increased pressure to impeach Trump.

“Revolt” is a word that never would have been uttered regarding the House Democrats under the charge of Speaker Pelosi version 1.0, who was most formidable.

Speaker Pelosi 2.0 can’t control a bartender who whose only skills are giggling and saying stupid things that the mainstream media respond to with giggles of their own, pretending all the while that Rep. Ditzy is brilliant.

Pelosi has long been against impeachment. In March she said that impeaching President Trump is something she is against because “…he’s just not worth it.”

The elders of the Democratic Village know that impeachment isn’t a wise route to take. Even House Progressive Caucus stalwart Raul Grijalva is saying that Democrats need to win at the ballot box.

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate currently enjoying “most favored media pet” status agrees with Grijalva:

The Democrats have been looking for a magic bullet that would undo 2016 since the election was called for Trump. The Mueller report was supposed to be the big deal that brought their childish fantasy into reality.

We know how that went.

The constant impeachment talk helps Trump. It showcases in a grand way just how out of touch Beltway Democrats are with regular America, the majority of whom are opposed to impeachment.

The old Speaker Pelosi would have nipped this problem in the bud in about an hour and a half back in the day.

The new Speaker Pelosi is either tired or about to drop some gamesmanship and harsh words on the young kids.

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