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Poll: Public Supports Criticism of Journalists, Calling Trump's Attacks on Media 'Appropriate'

Poll: Public Supports Criticism of Journalists, Calling Trump's Attacks on Media 'Appropriate'
CNN journalist Jim Acosta does a stand-up before the daily press briefing at the White House, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A new Rasmussen poll shows some surprising results about attitudes and beliefs about the press.

While the media rails and rants against any criticism by Trump and conservatives, the public largely thinks it’s appropriate to call out the press for bias. The same poll found that most Americans believe reporters are more liberal than they are and that there are few conservatives in the media.

Washington Examiner:

The survey is an indictment of the media at a time when liberal outlets such as CNN and the New York Times are stepping up their attack on President Trump and congressional Republicans.

The outlets are also complaining about Trump’s criticism of them and called out Trump surrogates who are using social media to point out the bias of journalists.

But, said Rasmussen, voters believe that reporters are fair game for criticism.

The survey analysis said 61% of likely U.S. voters think reporters at major news organizations like CNN, Fox News, and the New York Times are public figures who deserve scrutiny. Some 19% disagree.

The media’s arrogance stems from the myth that journalism is some kind of sacred calling, and not a craft like carpentry or bricklaying. The high priests of the media — the leading pundits and anchors — believe that any criticism of them or their employers is tantamount to an attack on freedom of the press. It’s nothing of the sort. CNN and MSNBC are not the embodiment of the First Amendment. They are businesses — large corporations with a point of view.

What the entire industry can’t get through their bloody heads is that not everyone agrees with them that they are Holders of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, and Heirs to the Holy Rings of Betazed. There is nothing special about what they do. They are not above the rest of us. Just because they’re on TV, doesn’t make them infallible.

Significantly, 51% said “it is appropriate for elected officials to criticize specific reporters and news organizations,” Rasmussen reported in the survey shared with Secrets before its release. Another 39% view the criticism as a threat to freedom of the press.

That is slightly higher than the 48% who said criticism from politicians was OK back in February 2017 when Trump began singling out news organizations that were attacking him.

And the public continues to view journalists as liberal. The survey said 47% believe the typical reporter is more liberal than they are. Just 19% of voters believe reporters are more conservative than they are.

I bet this poll has come as a shock in the editorial offices of CNN and other hysterically anti-Trump outlets. Not that it will change them. Once you feel you’ve been anointed by God to carry out the sacred task of spreading the gospel of liberalism, you are imbued with the holy spirit of infallibility. Even if everyone knows you’re wrong, you are convinced you’re right because, well, you just are.

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