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Broward County's Snipes Assures Canvassing Board the Missing Ballots are 'in the Building'

Broward County's Snipes Assures Canvassing Board the Missing Ballots are 'in the Building'
Dr. Brenda Snipes( AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

In the video below, Broward County’s hapless supervisor of elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes, tries to explain to the state canvassing board what happened to more than 2,000 ballots that have gone missing since the original counting of votes on election night.

A Democratic lawyer representing a candidate for agriculture commissioner stated the obvious: “Dr. Snipes, with all due respect to you and your office. The ballots being in the building doesn’t get them counted.”

No it doesn’t. And Snipes’ incoherent, incomprehensible, and incredibly obtuse statements about what happened to those ballots will go down in the annals of vote counting. This is one clueless elections supervisor.

Sun Sentinel:

With no chance of the missing ballots surfacing, the proposed fix involves some math.

It was nearing 8 p.m. when the decision was made to send the fatigued board, staff and onlookers home to rest and make a fresh return at 8 a.m Sunday to decide what is or isn’t going to get included in the final result sent to the state elections office.

Everyone agreed to pretend like their deadline was 10 a.m. rather than noon.

Not only are they unable to count ballots right, they can’t tell time either.

An election worker likely misplaced the ballots, Snipes told the Canvassing Board and Democratic and Republican party attorneys gathered to watch-dog the process in a warehouse-like recount room behind the Lauderhill Mall.

“I’m not blaming anyone,” she said. “But many of our team members were not as well trained as some others.”

She’s not blaming anyone because she doesn’t realize that the supervisor is in charge of training employees. Hey! That’s me!

At issue is the discrepancy between the number of votes tallied immediately after the election and sent to the state on Nov. 10 versus the totals the machine recount produced on Thursday.

The first result showed more than the recount. That, Snipes said, is because the ostensibly lost ballots likely didn’t get tabulated the second time around.

Maybe they ran out of toilet paper at the office and used the ballots to clean up. Maybe some employees made paper airplanes out of them. Perhaps a janitor mistook them for paper towels.

Yes, but they’re in the building ’cause Brenda Snipes says “they couldn’t be anywhere else.”

But you simply can’t accuse her of criminal activity or incompetence because, well, raaaaaaacism.

Fox News:

Embattled Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes claimed Saturday that racism is “probably” behind the widespread backlash against her.

Snipes, who has come under heavy criticism over her handling of the Florida recount after the contentious midterm elections earlier this month, told The Guardian that she believes protesters camped outside the Broward recount center could be there out of hatred of her skin color.

Though she declined to elaborate during her brief interview, when asked if race played a factor, she answered: “Probably. Probably.”

Snipes, who has a history of election missteps, has been under the microscope ever since Florida ordered a statewide recount last Saturday.

Accusing opponents of racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Snipes has the victim rap down pat.