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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Sieg, Heil (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

The socialist entity known as the European Union wants you to know it’s had it up to its bright-red kommie keister with member “states” who don’t toe the party line:

EU member states that fail to live up the European Union’s democratic values could find parts of their EU subsidies being “frozen” until they mend their ways, The Telegraph understands.

Under proposals to be unveiled in Brussels this week by Guenther Oettinger, the EU’s budget commissioner, Eastern EU states like Poland and Hungary could feel a financial squeeze if they were deemed to have failed to live up to the founding values of the EU. The move comes after pressure from liberal groups in the European Parliament and leading western powers like France and Germany, who want to find a mechanism to put pressure on recalcitrant member states.

“The precise details are still to be worked out, but the proposal will include the temporary freezing of funds in order to motivate a change of behaviour among states,” said an EU source briefed on the document. Poland and Hungary are both major recipients of EU ‘structural funds’ which are designed to narrow the gap between rich and poor member states, each receiving €5.5bn and €2.7bn respectively a year.

Not much of a surprise, this. The globalists who run Western Europe have no patience for the embarrassing vestiges of patriotism and cultural tradition evinced by Poland, Hungary, and the other former captive nations of Eastern Europe. All have histories of subservience to either the Soviet or the Muslim yoke, or both, and none wants any further part of it.

But the EU is essentially one giant socialist-atheist construct that exists solely to ease its senescent population of childless women and capon men into the grave as painlessly as possible — Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, is the poster girl for this political program — and it doesn’t much care either about the past or, increasingly, the future of its own people. To the EU, its native populations — thanks to birth control, abortion, irreligiousness, laziness, and ennui — are putting themselves to sleep and the communist-raised Merkel and her ilk are just facilitating the suicide process.

Hey — at least they have health care!

But Poland and Hungary are causing trouble and therefore must be reined in:

Sources said the threat to freeze access to funding for projects could also include agricultural subsidies, but would not include student programmes like Erasmus to avoid punishing citizens for the misdeeds of their governments. Reports also suggest that new formulas for calculating payments will mean that southern EU states, who tend to adhere closer to liberal values, will receive higher payments when the next 7-year budget cycle begins in 2021.

In effect, the EU is bribing member states with below-replacement birth rates to go to sleep quietly, while demonizing the duly elected governments of Poland and Hungary, which have essentially told them to take their Muslim and sub-Saharan African “refugees” and “migrants” and shove them elsewhere:

Tensions have deepened over the last two years after eastern EU countries refused to accept refugee resettlement quotas following the 2015 migrant crisis, and Poland introduced judicial reforms judged anti-democratic by the EU.

The recent re-election campaign of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, which was marred by anti-semitic rhetoric, corruption scandals and warnings from OSCE election monitors about a lack of free media, only deepened concern in Brussels.  Poland is currently battling Brussels over an ‘Article 7’ disciplinary procedure for breaches of EU commitments to maintain the ‘rule of law’, but is protected from serious punishment by a Hungarian promise to veto any sanctions.

EU sources said the plan to explicitly link EU payments to democratic standards was in part driven by a French and German desire to have a less draconian and more flexible mechanism for pressuring states that were falling short. They added that the Commission would have to negotiate a system for deciding when payments would be frozen – but leading western states, like Germany, want it based on majority voting to avoid the kind of protective vetoes that have neutered the Article 7 process.

The EU was created largely to keep France and Germany from each other’s throats, and thus avoid a repetition of the calamities of World Wars I and II. Now, the two former enemies have teamed up against the rest of the Continent to make sure the Second World War has a peaceful ending for each of them after all: the peace of the grave.