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As Borders Finally Begin to Close, 'Migrants' Clash with Police

(AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

Where do “migrant rights” end and “self-preservation” begin? Europe is now finding out:

Hundreds of migrants stranded at Greece’s northern border clashed with police Thursday while trying to force their way into Macedonia. The migrants from Iran, Morocco, Pakistan and several other countries confronted Macedonian riot police who were seen hitting protesters with batons. Macedonia toughened rules for crossings earlier this month, in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks, restricting access to citizens from countries typically granted asylum in Europe, including Syria and Afghanistan.

At least ten people stranded at the border are on hunger strike and have sewn their mouths shut in protest. One of the hunger strikers fainted during the protest and was carried by to a medical tent set up by a charity organization. An Iranian migrant who asked to be identified only by her first name, Sonya, said she was afraid to return to Iran after speaking out against authorities there. “They are not letting us into Macedonia. I have tried to cross at several points, but the police were always there to stop us,” she said.

Well, good. The eastern Europeans are far less soft-headed than their western counterparts, who have been softened up by years of cultural relativism, soft-core socialism and the American willingness to shield them from the consequences of their moral, social, and military weakness. Those days are now over — but the “migrants” keep on coming:

About 750 stranded migrants remained camped out near the border village of Idomeni, police said. They have staged daily demonstrations at the border, and have pitched their tents on a railway line, halting rail services between the Greek port of Thessaloniki and the Macedonian capital Skopje.

Greek police said 2,400 migrants had crossed into Macedonia in the 24 hours before 6 a.m. (0400GMT) Thursday, down from the recent daily average of 3,500.

Meanwhile, in Hungary, where the “migrant” invasion first drew international attention this past summer, a few “migrants” were apprehended yesterday with bomb-making equipment:

An elite special forces team say they also arrested terrorists with “extreme religious beliefs” in a raid, which came just days after Islamic State’s horrific attacks in Paris. The major siege was carried out by Hungary’s Terror Prevention Centre (TEK). Janos Hajdu, head of TEK, said: “The group which is formed of two Hungarian and two non-Hungarian citizens with extreme religious beliefs, might have international connections. They could have carried out a huge devastation in the Hungarian capital Budapest, if we didn’t catch them in the very last moment.”
Remember that “citizens” are not necessarily nationals, except in the legal/passport sense. But such confusion lies at the heart of the current discussion, in which the media calls Arabs and Pakistanis who happen to have been born in France or England “Frenchmen”and “Britons.”

Hajdu added: “We found a proper bomb laboratory with test tubes, just like in films.” The investigators found huge amount of a special material, used to create bombs. They also discovered pieces of metal that could cause huge devastation when put into explosives.  They also found a fire-extinguisher fully loaded with explosives, a pipe bomb, a detonator used on explosive belts, and equipments used to create all these extremely dangerous weapons.

Hajdu added: “The arrested persons had a tendency to carry out extreme actions, they belong to an extremist group and their technical preparedness is highly suspicious. “It is possible that they didn’t want to use these weapons themselves, but they were creating them for someone else.”

None of this would be happening if the Europeans had not decided to put themselves out of business by not having enough children, and therefore having to import alien Muslims to pull the cart of the increasingly sclerotic welfare states. But that’s what happens when the idea of nationhood is reduced to simple statehood — mere bureaucratic entities that administer the issuance of checks. As the French newspaper, Le Monde, said recently of Belgium: “this state without a nation risks becoming a nation without a state.” Which when you stop to think about it, is the risk for all of Europe.

No wonder Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban recently urged Europeans to start making families again instead of importing hostiles, rent-seeking “migrants.”

Viktor Orban waded into the crisis as he spoke of the dangers Europe could face if it tries to solve its demographic and economic problems by taking in large swathes of refugees. Addressing crowds at a conference in Budapest this week, the outspoken leader said the continent must instead push families to have more children because “the survival of our civilisation and our culture is at stake.”