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Climate Change or Arson? 24 Australians Charged With Intentionally Setting Bushfires

A firefighter manages a controlled burn to help contain a larger fire near Falls Creek, Australia, Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. The deadly wildfires, which have been raging since September, have already burned about 5 million hectares (12.35 million acres) of land and destroyed more than 1,500 homes. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

If you watched the Golden Globes, you must be convinced that Australia is being destroyed by “global warming” or, as they prefer to call it nowadays because it’s not actually heating up, “climate change.” The entire continent is on fire! And it’s all because of CO2!

Although such a view on the terrible fires will undoubtedly make the adult PR people behind Greta Thunberg incredibly happy (after all, climate change is their raison d’etre), it seems that the truth of the matter might be slightly more… nuanced.

In a statement released on Monday, police in the Australian state of New South Wales said that 24 people have been charged with starting brushfires in the past two months. Additionally, “the state said had taken legal action against 183 people for brushfire-related charges,” Pix11 reports.

Since the start of the bushfire season, “numerous bush and grass fires have impacted the state,” the police say in their statement, “claiming the lives of 18 people and destroying hundreds of millions of animals and livestock, thousands of homes, and more than 4.9 million hectares of land.” In other words, it has truly been a season from hell.

However, although the bushfires are routinely blamed on “climate” change, “since Friday 8 November 2019, legal action – which ranges from cautions through to criminal charges – has been taken against 183 people – including 40 juveniles – for 205 bushfire-related offences.”

Of note are the following stats:

* 24 people have been charged over alleged deliberately-lit bushfires
* 53 people have had legal actions for allegedly failing to comply with a total fire ban, and
* 47 people have had legal actions for allegedly discarding a lighted cigarette or match on land.

The 24 individuals charged with “deliberately-lit bushfires” can be sentenced to up to 21 years in jail. For that to happen, prosecutors have to convince the court that the arsonists were “reckless about its spread.”

The 53 people who failed to comply with a total fire ban, meanwhile, face up to 12 months imprisonment and/or a $5500 ban. As for the fools who discard a cigarette in a dry bush, they can be fined $5500.

Incredibly, one of those arrested is a 9-year-old volunteer firefighter. He first caused a fire, and then returned to supposedly put it out.

Anyway, it seems that at least a part of the bushfires can indeed be blamed “on mankind…” Just not in the way the radical-left thought (and hoped).

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