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Leftist Dutch Party Wants to Legalize 'Euthanasia' for Elderly People

In this photo taken Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, Els Borst, front right, applauds after a speech from Alexander Pechtold, front left, during a D66 party congress in Amsterdam. (AP Photo/Jiri Buller)

It doesn’t get much sicker than this (warning: article in Dutch). The left-wing party D66 wants to make euthanasia for people 75 years old and up even if they aren’t sick. An “I’m fed up with life” should be enough, the party says, to get a doctor to help these people commit suicide.

D66 will present this new proposal in early 2017. According to the party, there will be clear and strict rules. A so-called expert will have to talk to the suicidal elderly folks several times during a period of two months; another expert will have to rule that the decision was made voluntarily; and, finally, a “commission” will have to review the “application.” If everybody agrees, the elderly person can ask his doctor to kill him. All this with the approval of the Dutch government.

The soon-to-be-proposed legislation of D66 is in line with the ideas of the governing coalition, formed by Labour (PvdA) and the VVD (who call themselves classical liberals, but who have increased taxes from the very first day they came to power in 2012). The VVD wants to legalize euthanasia for everybody — meaning people of all ages, even if they aren’t suffering from a sickness that’s sure to kill them anyway. At this moment, euthanasia is already legal in the Netherlands for those with incurable, deadly diseases.

The VVD and now D66, however, believe that law isn’t “liberal” enough. They want to get rid of as many people as possible — especially elderly folks, who, the argument goes, cost society a ton of money every year because they are no longer “productive.”

Ironically, the spokeswoman of D66, Pia Dijkstra, admits that the age of 75 is completely artificial. Knowing progressives as I do, I’m sure that, if this law is approved, the age will quickly be pushed down to 73, 71, and eventually to 67, which — remarkably! — is the official age of retirement in the Netherlands.

In other words, D66 and the other “liberal” parties are planning to encourage “non-productive” folks to commit suicide. That way, they won’t “cost society any money.” In the end, that’s all progressives care about. They don’t care about humanity or even human rights. A life is worth only what it produces. If it produces nothing at all, it deserves to be ended. ASAP.

This war against the elderly — which has been raging in the Netherlands for a while now — is completely and utterly unacceptable. It may surprise “progressives” to hear this, but every life has worth; it doesn’t matter how old someone is, he or she still adds something to society as a whole. Elderly people have more life experience than the rest of us; they can educate us so we don’t repeat the mistakes we (humankind) made before. That alone is worth more money than “liberals” can count.