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Leftists Dox FCC's Ajit Pai on Facebook, Urge Insane People to Defecate on His Lawn

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai testifies at the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on Sept. 15, 2016. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Washington, D.C. photographer Andrew Kober has doxed Ajit Pai on Facebook, calling for a poop party on his lawn on New Year’s Eve.

Pai’s residence address is posted on the event. The page is littered with disturbing posts suggesting everything from vandalism to disgusting pranks.

Kober also doxed Pai on his personal Facebook page:

(Keep your “terriers close. The CIA is after them or something.)

This extreme response seems to be a protest against repealing “net neutrality.” It’s more of the left’s war on decency. When we disagree with one another we are no longer able to have a civilized debate and live to fight another day. Oh no! We must bring actual excrement into it. What a sh*t show. As usual, the hype around the net neutrality repeal was overblown. Ben Shapiro summed it up pretty well.

One thing that keeps being overlooked in the disgusting attacks on Pai is that he is not only the first Indian-American to hold the position as the head of the FCC, but he was appointed by the messiah of the left himself, Barack Obama. Much disinformation has gone out regarding Pai, including calling him “Trump’s guy,” which is an outright lie. He’s Obama’s guy. The Obamaites might want to remember that before doing their dooty on his lawn.

One day ago, Anonymous (or someone claiming to be Anonymous) doxed Pai’s information on Twitter and elsewhere on the web.

This crappy rave is the result of those actions. If anyone actually takes part in this I hope they are thrown in jail for a long time.

Stacy Washington, radio host at Urban Family Talk, is under fire on Facebook for reporting this disgusting page for being in violation of Facebook’s rules. The poop party people are mass reporting her in retaliation, trying to have her taken off Facebook. Facebook claims that abusive content, doxing or content that threatens public safety is not allowed. Yet many people have reported this event and it’s still up. I’m fairly certain that exposed fecal material on someone’s property is a direct threat to public safety.

PJ Media reached out to Facebook for comment but received no response. We will update if there is any response.

In case you missed Pai’s epic response to the net neutrality hysterics, watch it here.

UPDATE 4:45 p.m. EST: The event page is no longer available on Facebook. The organizer claims that Facebook removed the post, although the company has not yet verified that they were responsible.