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Here's What Trump Had to Say About Biden Raiding the Strategic Oil Reserves

AP Photo/Ben Gray

Earlier this month, Biden conceded that gas prices contributed to his poor numbers.

“We’re in a situation where there’s a lot, a lot, of anxiety. Gas prices are up, exceedingly high … that’s why I have the attorney general taking a look at whether or not these gas companies are gouging people.”

Biden nevertheless insists that his poll numbers don’t concern him. But, on Tuesday, he announced the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserves in order to bring prices down and his poll numbers up.

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Donald Trump blasted Biden’s decision Tuesday morning.

“For decades our Country’s very important Strategic Oil Reserves were low or virtually empty in that no President wanted to pay the price of filling them up,” Trump said in a statement Tuesday morning. “I filled them up three years ago, right to the top, when oil prices were very low.”

Trump then pointed out that the reserves are “meant to be used for serious emergencies, like war, and nothing else,” and accused Biden of tapping the reserves “so that he could get the close to record-setting high oil prices artificially lowered.”

“We were energy independent one year ago,” Trump continued. “Now we are at the mercy of OPEC, gasoline is selling for $7 in parts of California, going up all over the Country, and they are taking oil from our Strategic Reserves. Is this any way to run a Country?”