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The Biden Administration's Orwellian Erasing of the 'Abraham Accords'

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Imagine being so anti-Trump that you would throw even historic peace agreements between Israel and neighboring Arab nations down the memory hole just because President Donald Trump brokered those deals.

Well, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, that’s exactly what’s happening. According to the report, based on emails reviewed by The Washington Free Beacon, Biden’s State Department is discouraging employees from “referring to the historic peace agreements signed by Israel and its Arab neighbors by its official name, the Abraham Accords.” The name “Abraham Accords” has also “been erased from a wide array of official State Department communications as the new administration presses officials to refer to the Trump-era deals as ‘normalization agreements.'”

A search of the State Department website still contains references to “Abraham Accords.”

The department also purged the term “Abraham Accords” from its talking points, documents, statements, and official communications, the [Beacon’s] source said, adding that senior department officials have been very “cagey” about explaining the policy decision and have sought to keep it quiet.

Following inquiries to the State Department about the emails and the source’s information, a spokesman told the Free Beacon, “the Department would refer to the Abraham Accords as such.” The department declined to comment on the emails in question or make clear whether its statement represents another shift in policy. A State Department official, speaking only on background, said, “This administration is not focused on what these agreements are called but what they mean.”

The communications reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon do not give a reason for abandoning the official name, but one source explained why.

“It’s a name the Trump administration came up with, a branding they came up with, and they prefer not to use it because it’s associated with President Trump. For the U.S. to shy away from that term, it’s absurd, petty, and silly.”

The sources also said that Biden’s team saw the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel “as an, ‘Ah-ha!’ moment to sh** on the Abraham Accords.”

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Hamas, a terrorist group, was never part of the Abraham Accords.

“The Biden administration’s attempt to diminish and marginalize the Abraham Accords by referring to them as ‘normalization deals’ is both unfortunate and insidious,” said Victoria Coates, a former senior official on the Trump White House’s National Security Council. “It’s a shame to try to undermine such a monumental, historic achievement because it was reached by the previous administration. But the term ‘normalization’ is even worse—as they are well aware, the term carries a regional stigma, particularly with the Palestinians, of being a sell-out. The Abraham Accords are so much more and should be given the same bipartisan support as the peace treaties between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt reached by Democrat administrations.”

Coates played a key role in making the Abraham Accords a reality.

Where’s the dignity and respect we were promised by Joe Biden? Attempting to rebrand and diminish the importance and significance of the Abraham Accords is wrong on so many levels. Trump’s success in achieving peace between Israel and its neighbors should be bipartisan… or better yet, nonpartisan.

The country could unite in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, or celebrate together after the death of bin Laden. Unfortunately, for some, partisanship just runs too deep. This much was obvious in the aftermath of the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, which saw many on Left and in the media criticize Trump for approving the strike that killed him. The Biden administration clearly prefers to politicize everything… even peace.