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NSSF Wants ATF to Investigate Possible Firearms Felonies Committed by Couric Crew in Anti-Gun Documentary

NSSF Wants ATF to Investigate Possible Firearms Felonies Committed by Couric Crew in Anti-Gun Documentary
Katie Couric attends the LA premiere of "Under The Gun" at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 in Beverly Hills.(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

The backlash continues for Katie Couric and her merry band of gun-controlling propagandists. The outrage began when it was revealed that Couric and co. edited an exchange between a gun rights group and Miss Katie. The Couric crew inserted 8 seconds of silence following an “exchange” between Couric and group members that made the gun rights folks appear to be speechless and ashamed when asked a question about background checks.

But the accusations of bias turned more serious when the possibility of illegal firearms purchases was also raised.

The good folks over at Ammoland found a video of “Under the Gun” producer Stephanie Soechtig describing how easy it was to purchase a “Bushmaster” and three other pistols in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. “It’s perfectly legal,” said Soechtig.

There is information left out of the video clip. Soechtig says a producer from Colorado went to Arizona to purchase the firearms; we don’t know why he didn’t just purchase them in Colorado and we don’t know what happened to the firearms after the documentary wrapped up. She says the transaction took place in a Wendy’s parking lot and it sure sounds like the producer stopped by Wendy’s to pick up a Frosty and found some guy selling Bushmaster AR15s. I’m going to assume the private sale was set up beforehand with Wendy’s being an agreed upon location for the transaction, but Soechtig doesn’t bother to mention that. We also don’t know if the producer revealed to the seller that he was from another state.

Soechtig admits she doesn’t know or understand the very subject of the documentary she produced: “it’s news to me,” she says in the video clip, referring to federal and state firearms laws. That didn’t stop her from producing a film on the topic, did it?

It turns out those purchases may very well be felonies.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is asking the ATF to investigate what appears to be at least four felonies committed in order for Couric to provide the viewing public with a “teachable moment.”

For that reason, based on statements made in a videotaped interview, we have to point out that it would appear that a producer of the Katie Couric documentary “Under the Gun” committed at least four federal felonies, one for each firearm he appears to have illegally purchased since the individual was not a resident of Arizona where he purchased the firearms. He may have also violated state criminal statutes. And, If Ms. Soechtig, the film’s director, sent him to Arizona to make these firearms purchases, as the tape appears to suggest, she may be guilty of engaging in a conspiracy to violate federal firearms laws and/or aiding and abetting the commission of these crimes her producer engaged in. We also have to ask what, if any, involvement did Ms. Couric as executive producer have in these purchases? The NSSF calls upon the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives (ATF) to open a criminal investigation into this important matter.

Ignorance of the law or accidents or mistakes are no excuse for the little people. Ask Shaheen Allen, who “made a mistake.”

Nevertheless Soechtig insists what she did was legal, tweeting out as recently as last night:

The ATF appears to disagree. The Federalist’s Sean Davis points out:


I, for one, look forward to the ATF opening an investigation of Couric and the producers…for the integrity of the law.  If any of us regular citizens purchased firearms in a questionable manner, the left would cheer for our punishment.

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