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NBC Fawns Over Iceland's Preschools That Force Kids to 'Compensate for Their Gender'

While reading the following report out of Iceland, keep in mind that the progressive paradise boasts that it has eradicated Down Syndrome through eugenics. Using abortion to eradicate “undesirables” is a level of wickedness that I lack appropriate adjectives to describe.

So, I was not surprised to read NBC’s gushing story about how Iceland is ironing out gender differences by forcing boys to play with traditional girls’ toys, and vice-versa.

The largest obstacle to the progressive agenda of undermining gender distinctions is biology. Men and women are different, inside and out. Denying that requires intentional absurdity, yet here we are: progressives have begun viewing biology as the oppressor. In Iceland, combatting gender differences has taken a scary turn. NBC explains what’s happening now at a preschool in Iceland:

Boys and girls are separated for most of the day and they actively compensate for their gender by practicing behaviors usually associated with the other sex: from being daring and taking the initiative to helpfulness and being considerate of others.

“The best way to get closer to equality is to admit the differences,” Ólafsdóttir said.

According to the Hjalli theory, by keeping the sexes apart, boys and girls are free to develop their personalities and discover their interests without the pressures and constraints of conventional gender roles and stereotypes. The toys at the schools are all gender-neutral and all of the children wear identical uniforms.

Ólafsdóttir, 60, believes that if children practice only the stereotypical gendered behaviors as society encourages, they risk slipping into what she calls the “blue” and “pink haze.”

Found at the two poles of the gender spectrum, this is where the natural strengths of each gender tip over into weaknesses, she explained.

According to Ólafsdóttir, girls’ sensitivity and caring natures can turn into self-pity and victimhood, while boys’ strength and power can become aggression or even violence.
Social engineering at its finest worst.

Setting aside the frightening dystopian aspect of Iceland’s head-of-the-class progressivism, I was struck by this passage:
[G]irls are taught to strengthen their courage and self-confidence by running barefoot in the snow without screaming or being direct about how they feel.
My wife is 100% woman. She loves babies, quilting, shoes, and many other things that are considered gender stereotypes. Yet, in her “womanness,” my wife is more courageous than most men I know. She didn’t need social engineering to be taught courage and self-confidence. It’s hard for me to see how anything I say or believe as a conservative Christian could be construed as more misogynistic than the belief that women have to be socially engineered into being courageous.

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