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Secret Service Agents Jump Onto Stage to Protect Trump as Protester Disrupts Campaign Event in Ohio

A Trump campaign rally in Dayton, Ohio, this morning was disrupted by a protester who threw something at the candidate, forcing his Secret Service agents into action. While the GOP front-runner was addressing the crowd toward the end of the event, he suddenly jerked around as if he had been grabbed or hit by a projectile. The Secret Service agents quickly jumped on the stage and surrounded him.

It was not immediately clear if someone had grabbed his leg, or thrown something at him, but judging by Trump’s reaction, contact was made.

After the crowd calmed down, the rattled candidate asked, “And to think I had such an easy life, what do I need this for?”

Trump went on to say,  “I love this country. We’re going to make our country great again.” He added, “it’s payback time!”

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According to CBS News, a police officer and witnesses say “a woman jumped a fence to throw a hat at the GOP front-runner while he was addressing supporters at Dayton International Airport.”

UPDATE: From NBC News: “The suspect was identified as Thomas Dimassimo, 32, and was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic — both misdemeanors, Chief Mike Etter of the Dayton Airport Police Department told NBC News.”

“DiMassimo has a history of speaking out. He was also involved in a protest at Wright State University last April” according to Upper Michigan Source.