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Tina Fey 'Blames' Fallon for Trump's Election

When is a joke not just a joke?

When it’s uttered by a liberal comedian whose humor speaks volumes about the Left’s obsessions.

Take Tina Fey. The Saturday Night Live alum didn’t quite follow in her fellow alums’ footsteps. Her big screen career features one excellent film, Mean Girls, and some box office disappointments (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Admission).

The days of SNL graduates assuming huge movie careers is over. Sorry, Kate McKinnon.

Besides, Fey had far better luck on the small screen (30 Rock) and continues to weigh in on the political scene when she can. She boasts an impressive track record on the latter front. Her Sarah Palin impression helped solidify the governor’s shoddy image in the public’s eye, one of the most effective comic takedowns in recent memory.

And, it appears, Fey still can’t get over fellow SNL alum Jimmy Fallon for doing the unthinkable: “Humanizing” Donald Trump.

The duo teamed up this week for an interview and, later, a bit about stars telling each other what they really think. The Tonight Show clip ostensibly promotes Fey’s upcoming Netflix comedy Wine Country.

Except we never see the clip. Instead, we see the pair bickering after the stage’s lights dim.

“Hey, do you mind telling me what the hell your problem is,” Fallon asks.

“You know what you did,” Fey snarls back.

They fight, then agree not to talk at all during the clip (which we can hear but can’t see). Then, they make nice as the segment ends. When they go for a post-interview hug, he whispers, “you’ve gotta re-dye your mustache.”


Her reply?

“Trump got elected because of you.”

Some context is needed here. Fallon famously interviewed then-candidate Donald Trump on The Tonight Show back in 2016. The comic didn’t pounce on Trump or ask him probing questions. He treated him like, well, a guest on a late-night talk show.

The same way Colbert, Kimmel, Noah, and co. treat Democratic candidates. Well, to be fair, not that nice.

It got worse, though.

Fallon, in what was probably an arranged bit, tousled Trump’s hair. That set The Resistance™ and reporters alike into a frenzy. They never forgave Fallon. And, eventually, Fallon begged for their forgiveness.

Competitor Stephen Colbert of The Late Show fame defended Fallon. Colbert, however, was in a very small minority.

The ratings for The Tonight Show stumbled in the Age of Trump. One reason? Liberals cannot forget how Fallon yukked it up with the real estate mogul weeks before Election Day. Clearly, Fey had that in mind during their faux fight.