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So Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Why? He hasn’t done anything yet. Apparently he was nominated for it as early as February “when he had only been president for a couple of weeks”:
It’s great that a sitting president of my country has been awarded this prize, and I’d certainly rather have him get it than, say, Yasser Arafat, but is it too much to ask that he first broker a peace treaty somewhere?
UPDATE: Don’t miss “Nick Gillespie’s coverage at Reason TV”:


UPDATE: I’m afraid “I agree with Noah Pollak”: today:

Here is the test of whether Barack Obama and his senior advisers are in touch with the real world or whether they indeed have floated off into Neverland on an opium cloud of narcissism and self-regard. If Obama is capable of the slightest political sobriety, he will quickly reject the Prize, for all the obvious and sensible reasons — and for the political benefit of helping dispel the growing perception that he is out of touch with basic bourgeois modesty and is completely in love with himself. If he accepts it, the notion that Obama is arrogant and does not understand the fundamental difference between words and action, leadership and celebrity, competence and theater, will be given a tremendous boost.


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