And these are our allies?

One of the most interesting, important, and under studied changes in recent years has been the decline in U.S.-Turkish relations. To an extent it’s a shame, as Turkey needs U.S. support for its rightful quest to join the EU. The problem is that too many in the U.S., especially in that most supine department of government, the State Department, don’t seem to understand that relations have changed, while some in Turkey think that they can get away with the unpleasant techniques of the past.
Which allusive introduction brings us conveniently to Henri Barkey‘s splendidly angry denounciation of the Turkish government in this weekend’s Los Angeles Times. The Turkish government, Barkey points out, was happy to meet the leader of a fascist, terrorist movement, but did not want U.S. officials to officially receive a democratically elected mayor of one of Turkey’s largest cities, a man who opposes terrorism.
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