Michael Totten

Former Syrian Vice President Fingers Assad

Syria’s former Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam went on Dubai’s Al Arabiya TV in Paris where he kicked the crap out of his former boss Bashar Assad and called him out as the lying murderous scumbag that he is.

BEIRUT: Syrian President Bashar Assad directly threatened former Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri months before the latter’s assassination, it was revealed Friday night in a devastatingly frank interview by a former Syrian vice president.
In a wide-ranging discussion with Al-Arabiyya Television in Paris, Abdel-Halim Khaddam added that Lebanon’s President Emile Lahoud and Jamil al-Sayyed, former head of the Surete Generale, had “incited” Assad against Hariri.
“I will crush anyone who tries to oppose our decisions,” Assad told Hariri during a meeting August 20, 2004 in Damascus, Khaddam told the Dubai-based Al-Arabiyya. “Hariri’s nose started to bleed after this meeting,” he added.
Khaddam said that it was “impossible that any apparatus in Syria could have taken a unilateral decision to murder Hariri,” without Assad’s prior approval. “The campaigns launched by Lahoud and Sayyed were immense and Assad was greatly influenced by them,” he added.
Asked if there were any specific parties in Damascus or in Lebanon that threatened Hariri, Khaddam said: “Yes, there were many threats.”
Pressed on whether they were “death threats,” Khaddam replied: “When the Chief of the Intelligence apparatus in Lebanon (Rustom Ghazaleh) speaks with his guests while playing with his gun … a lot of threatening words were used against Hariri” during one of the occasions when he was summoned to Damascus [the August 2004 meeting].
“I heard about this meeting from three sources. I heard it from Ghazi Kenaan [former Syrian Interior Minister], President Bashar Assad and the late Hariri,” said Khaddam.
“Hariri was on the receiving end of some very vicious words. I knew about that from [President Bashar Assad], he told me of the conversation,” the former vice president said.
“I told [Assad] you are talking to a prime minister in front of Ghazaleh … How can you say such things in front of junior officers?” Khaddam continued.
Khaddam said Ghazaleh acted as if he was “the absolute ruler of Lebanon. He insulted senior Lebanese officials such as Hariri, Speaker Nabih Berri and Druze leader Walid Jumblatt on many occasions.”

The Baath Party booted Khaddam from its ranks. Syria’s “parliament” charged him with treason.
In other news, Bashar Assad’s cousin was just arrested at Beirut’s international airport on unrelated murder charges.
What a lovely regime that country has.