The Muslim Public Affairs Committee in Britain published an anti-Semitic screed by a retired U.S. Brigadier General that included a graphic image that was pulled directly from a German neo-Nazi Web site.
They replaced the graphic after they were busted, but I found a cached version of the page that still includes the neo-Nazi image.
I am not going to link to a neo-Nazi Web site. (I didn’t link to the MPACUK site either.) If you want to see for yourself, follow the link to the cached page above, right-click the graphic image, and select “Properties.” That will show you the image location and the url for the neo-Nazi Web site where the Muslim Public Affairs Committee found it.
I used to think that liberals in different countries all got along great while the right-wingers in each country hated each other. There is a certain logic to that, but it isn’t quite right. Islamists (who are nothing if not illiberal), kooky American ex-military nuts, and German Fascists are hitting it off pretty well.
(Hat tip: Luke in the comments section at Harry’s Place.)
UPDATE: The cached link no longer works. The image there has been replaced with the new one. But Harry’s Place has a link to a screen grab if you want to take a look.
Also, a couple of people seem to be confused about the point of this post. I’m not pointing out how Islamists are being chummy with “the left.” I’m pointing out how Islamists are being chummy with German neo-Nazis. Note the post’s title.



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