Faster, Please!

Oh Goody, We're Going to Normalize Relations w/Iran

I guess it’s a friendly gesture from Condi Rice to Obama, huh?  Once we open our “interest section” in Iran, he’ll have a place to stay when he goes to Tehran.  I wonder if this means the Iranians are telling us to ignore their public statements saying that they won’t talk to us until we’ve withdrawn from the Middle East and broken all support to Israel…or whether we’ve already agreed to that.

Meanwhile, the Iranians continue to push for some spectacular terrorist success in Iraq, where they and their al Qaeda and Mahdi Army allies have been humiliated by American and Iraqi forces.  As Bill Roggio reports in the linked article, we’ve captured 8 Iranian officers and killed one more in Iraq the last six days.  He notes that American officials say that our intel on Iran-in-Iraq is getting better, which means that those captured Quds Force (often misdescribed as an “elite” force, when in reality it just refers to those Revolutionary Guards guys operating outside Iran’s borders) are telling us quite a bit.  I suppose it’s only a matter of a few days before some Congressman, Senator or intellectual protests our interrogation methods, and calls for an investigation.

Because, as I’ve noted before, we really don’t want to know what the Iranians are up to.  But there’s a lot of information out there that shows what the mullahs are doing, and some day our current leaders will have to answer the old questions:  what did you know and when did you know it and why didn’t you do anything against a regime that has made death–in Iran and wherever our soldiers are to be found–its main activity?