Faster, Please!

George Tenet and Moi

You may have noticed that George Tenet devoted several pages of his new book to a weird version of a meeting I attended in Rome back in December, 2001. There’s an Italian expression that well describes his efforts: “more errors than pages.” The poor man just can’t check a fact. Nor can his publisher, apparently. As a result, he gets it all wrong.

And that’s not the only thing he gets wrong. I’ve treated this at greater length on NRO, it should be up tomorrow (monday).

Meanwhile I am headed off for vacation, and will blog from time to time, but surely not as frequently as I do when I’m in Washington. But I’m tired, having finished two books in the last four months, and corrected one set of copyedits already…for “The Iranian Time Bomb,” coming out in September from St Martin, bless him.