Faster, Please!

I Told You There Would be Defections...Redux

It was in the logic of the situation, after all. Rats scrambling off the sinking ship, etc. And now we have even more:

This story is doubly interesting. First because Colonel Shirazi, a Qods Force officer serving in Iraq (don’t tell the Washington Post or the New York Times, they don’t believe such people exist, or, if they do, if they actually work for the regime or are just out there on their own, Iranian cowboys, etc.), can contribute more information about the Iranian terror network. And second, because his apparent defection could well be a part of the War of the Persian Succession. His father was murdered by Rafsanjani’s people some years ago.


And Ken Timmerman has heard about yet another defector! Yet another Pasdaran officer, a General Soltani. He went to Bandar Abbas…and disappeared.

Has the CIA hired Jack Bauer? Or are all these worthies on the beach in Tel Aviv? I suppose we will find out some day. Or not…

Meanwhile you might enjoy the thoughts of America’s greatest non-living spook, which I posted on NRO earlier today.

Happy Wednesday evening. It’s fun, watching them all run, isn’t it?

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