Nigel Farage Goes Nuclear on Labour: 'North London Intellectuals'

Nigel Farage is the leader of The Brexit Party. (Source: Screenshot Twitter.)

Right after it became clear that British voters would go back to the polls in December, The Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage offered a deal to Tory-leader Boris Johnson. If, he said, the PM would agree to toss out his agreement with the EU and opt for a No-Deal Brexit, TBP would not send any candidates to stand in Conservative strongholds. If, on the other hand, Johnson refused such a deal, it’d be war. Johnson turned down the offer, but — thankfully — Farage seems to take aim mostly at Labour, the socialist party that supposedly supported Brexit, but voted against it every single time it was put up for a vote.


At a campaign rally in Bolsover today, Farage launched into Labour time and again. The party, he said, is dominated by North London “intellectuals” who care little if anything for the common people — let alone for their opinions. Christopher Hope, who works for The Daily Telegraph newspaper, explains:

Farage confirmed Hope’s explanation by adding on Twitter that “the gloves are off in this campaign and we are going after Corbyn’s Labour.”

This is an important development because although Boris Johnson has been let down by his own party several times, it’s clear that he is getting rid of all Remain-stooges. The Conservative Party MPs who will end up in the House of Commons after the elections will be pro-Brexit. All of them. Those who aren’t will be pushed out by Johnson, who knows he’ll have a better shot at getting this thing done with a smaller Tory party that can join forces with The Brexit Party, than with a Tory party that forms a small majority by itself… but with 10 to 20 percent of those Tory MPs being Remainers.


Additionally, Johnson has succeeded in convincing voters that he’s strongly pro-Brexit himself. He may be clumsy, but there’s little doubt about his determination to get Brexit done.

Labour, on the other hand, has shown its true face the last couple of months. Jeremy Corbyn always pretended to respect the results of the 2016 Brexit referendum, but he voted against Brexit time and again. It is because of Labour’s betrayal that Johnson had to request yet another delay from the EU.

This is where TBP can get millions and millions of voters. The angry Labour base — who voted for Brexit, but who have been betrayed by the party’s leadership — are longing for a party that will represent them. They believe the Tories won’t because they see the Conservatives as a party for the upper-middle class and upper class, which means that they’re more than open to The Brexit Party. Farage and his friends know this. Let’s hope that they’ll be able to cash in on it. If they do, Brexit will surely happen.

And if they don’t? Well, then I’m afraid that Labour and their europhile friends will block Brexit for months and months and months… until they’ll cancel it altogether. That is the game the social-democrats are playing.



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