PM Boris Johnson Demands 'Accountability' from Brexit-Hating Supreme Court

(Rex Features via AP Images)

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that if the British Supreme Court is clearly taking political positions, it’s time to introduce some kind of accountability to keep the court in check.


“I respect the judgment of the Supreme Court very humbly and very sincerely,” the PM and Tory leader says. “However, they did choose to adjudicate on the question of whether or not Parliament should be using this particular period to be discussing Brexit … And in so doing it seems to me that the justices intruded onto an acutely sensitive political question, at a time of great national controversy.”

The consequences of that judgment, he says, have not “been fully evaluated.” Once they are, Johnson implies, there could be serious repercussions for the British Supreme Court.

“It will take a while to be worked through,” he went on. “But I think, if judges are to pronounce on political questions in this way, then there is at least an argument that there should be some form of accountability. The lessons of America are relevant.”

Earlier this month, Britain’s Supreme Court ruled Johnson’s suspension of Parliament to be illegal. The decision was a terrible blow to Johnson and to pro-Brexit forces in general, but there’s also a good side to it: it forces everybody to show their true colors. From judges to members of Parliament, they now have to show where they stand with regards to democracy. Do “We The People” reign supreme or not?


As you’d expect, the Labour Party and the LibDems have opted for the “or not” option. A minority of Tories shared that view, but those individuals have now been purged from the Conservative Party. What remains are Johnson loyalists who actually believe that if The People vote to leave the European Union it’s Parliament’s job to make that happen. Shocking, I know…

Of course, there’s also Nigel Farage‘s Brexit Party, which is the most democratic party of all of them. With a little bit of luck, TBP and the Tories will, together, destroy all those democracy-hating parties at the next elections. Together, Farage and Johnson will be able to make Brexit happen and to do something about the Supreme Court.


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