Clueless Hillary Clinton Gets Booed for Repeatedly Dodging on Releasing Wall Street Speech Transcripts

Screenshot CNN (source: YouTube)

Think Hillary Clinton finally feels The Bern?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, her Democratic primary rival, has repeatedly attacked Clinton’s speeches for some financial institutions. And on Thursday, CNN’s moderators confronted her with a persistent line of questioning on the issue.

“If there’s nothing in those speeches that will change voters’ minds, why not just release the transcripts and put these speeches to bed?” CNN moderator Dana Bash said, as members in the Brooklyn audience cheered.

As Clinton attempted to respond, the audience booed.


That must hurt. The woman who thought she’d get a coronation is now booed by her own base. It doesn’t get much more degrading than this.

Or does it?

Earlier, Bernie had smacked Hillary around a bit for saying she had “called out Wall Street.” Sanders wouldn’t have any of it:

Secretary Clinton called them out. They must’ve been really crushed by this. Was that before or after you received huge sums of money after giving speaking engagements behind closed doors? They’ve must’ve been very upset.

In retaliation Hillary tried to hit Bernie by accusing him of not releasing his tax returns. The mad socialist struck back immediately saying he’d do so today. Oh, and would Mrs. Clinton like to follow this great example of transparency?

If Hillary could’ve gotten away with hiding below her lectern, she would’ve done so. Sadly for her, CNN’s Dana Bash immediately returned to the topic at hand (the transcripts of speeches she gave to Wall Street bankers). And again Hillary squirmed and shrieked, while the audience alternately booed her and laughed at her.

It short, it was glorious to watch.


Nobody expected Bernie to get this far, but now that he’s here, he and his supporters are getting serious about winning. At the same time, Hillary is becoming even shriller than before, shrieking her way through the debate.

You’d feel sorry for her if only she wasn’t so deserving of this public humiliation.

Here’s to hoping there will be many more Democratic debates! May the shrill one go down in a heap of shrieks, while her scarecrow opponent is left wondering what the heck just happened and why those liberal masses suddenly idolize him.


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