Planned Parenthood Accused of Trying to Register Dead People to Vote in Texas

(Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle via AP)

For nearly two years now, Democrats have insisted that despite rampant allegations of fraud and irregularities, the 2020 election was the fairest and most secure election in our nation’s history — and anyone who questions that is a threat to our democracy.


Curiously, Democrats are preemptively blaming fraud for their anticipated defeat in the upcoming midterm elections. I’m sure that when they lose and start making various accusations, they won’t find themselves banned from social media or canceled.

But I digress. Despite claiming to have had the fairest and most secure elections in the history of all time just two years ago, Democrats are not only ready to blame fraud for their impending loss, but Planned Parenthood and other groups are trying to get the dead to register to vote. The Texas GOP is reporting that they’ve received numerous tips of deceased people being targeted with mailers as part of a voter registration drive by these leftist groups.

“Voter fraud is real and it happens in Texas. The Republican Party of Texas has invested over a million dollars in election integrity for the 2022 cycle to root out and stop voter fraud,” Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi said in a statement. “We have trained and placed thousands of poll watchers and election workers all over Texas to ensure Texans have the free and fair election they deserve. Efforts by far-left radical groups like Planned Parenthood that encourage illegal activity will fail.”


One example shown by the Texas GOP came from Harris County — a mailer addressed to “W K Hoffman Jr.” The Texas GOP was able to verify that Mr. Hoffman passed in February of 2011.

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It would be easy to dismiss the mailers as being the result of an administrative error, but the Texas GOP explains that the Secretary of State is required by Chapter 16 of the Texas Election Code to maintain a list of persons who are ineligible to register to vote, including those who are deceased. It’s unlikely that Planned Parenthood and other groups wouldn’t have access to updated lists — and this raises some legitimate questions about these mailers.

Election fraud, defined as registering or voting in Texas under a false name or in the name of a deceased person, is a Class B misdemeanor under Texas Election Code section 276.013.


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