No, Kentucky Isn't Turning Blue, Here's Why

If you were on social media last night, you probably saw a lot of folks on the left celebrating that Kentucky, a deep red state, “had turned blue” because of the razor-thin victory of Democrat Andy Beshear over incumbent Republican Matt Bevin.


Let me just get it out of the way right now and tell you that Kentucky isn’t turning blue. The state hasn’t been “flipped” or whatever else they’re saying.

We’ve seen this narrative before. When Democrat Doug Jones narrowly defeated Republican Roy Moore in the special election for Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat in 2017, many on the left seemed to interpret that election as a sign of Trump’s weakness, and Alabama’s competitiveness in future statewide elections.

Yet, no one deluded themselves into thinking that Massachusetts was becoming a red state when Charlie Baker flipped the governorship from Democrat to Republican in 2014. No one believes that Massachusetts might turn red in 2020, even though Charlie Baker is the most popular governor in the country—and has been for some time.

There were six statewide elections in Kentucky on Tuesday, and here are the results

  • Governor:  Democrat +0.4
  • Attorney General: Republican +15.5
  • Agriculture Commissioner: Republican +19.6
  • Auditor: Republican + 14.6
  • Secretary of State: Republican +4.4
  • Treasurer: Republican +21.4

Does that look like a state that is turning blue? Or does that look like a state where the GOP candidate was uniquely unpopular? Spoiler alert: According to a Morning Consult poll from last month, Matt Bevin was the second-least popular governor in the country with an approval rating of 34 percent. Yet, Bevin only lost by 0.4 percent. It’s safe to say that Trump’s 11th-hour involvement in the race helped Bevin, just not enough. Yet, the left is deluding themselves into thinking anti-Trumpism has turned the state blue.



But hey, if Democrats want to see Kentucky as a blue state and invest all sorts of money and resources there next year, by all means, they can. In fact, I encourage it.


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