From J6 to John Fetterman, the Mainstream Media Never Rests

Evan Agostini

The “Morning Joe” crew talked with MSNBC’s Elise Jordan on Tuesday morning, regarding her recent visit with a Pittsburgh focus group, specifically … wait for it … January 6th! Good grief, are we still on this? Of course, we are. It’s the Left’s best talking point. Gotta milk that drama for all it’s worth before the midterms. I’m surprised that a gripping drama based on the event has not appeared on Netflix. It’s probably still being pitched somewhere. Or maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.


The video can be seen here, courtesy of the Washington Examiner.

To its credit (for a change), MSNBC appeared to have let the members of the focus group speak their minds. But then, it would be interesting to see what the network edited out. And Jordan looked flummoxed as it dawned on her that perhaps not everyone in the country has bought what the MSM has been peddling. Of course, as you can also tell, Joe Scarborough was looking for excuses to dismiss and belittle the panelists. Up to and including stating that the protesters were looking to kill Mike Pence. Of particular note, Scarborough laments how Republicans have abandoned Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Mitt Romney. All of whom the Left and its pet press pilloried and practically burned at the stake as often as possible during their times. And Scarborough completely dismissed the focus group’s apt comparisons between J6 and the other riots that have gripped the nation. More MAGA conspiracy theories. There are never two or more sides to a story, just the approved one.

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Are Scarborough and his compatriots really that clueless? Perhaps. It is possible to be so narcissistic and so invested in the narrative that wrestling with all of the details and facets of a story is unthinkable. And it is also possible that the media knows exactly what it is doing, but has cast its lot and now must do everything possible to ensure victory.


If you watched the Fetterman/Oz debate Tuesday night, you know how things went. And if you kept even just one eye on the news, you know how awful it was, no matter who you supported. Matt covered the highlights and the lowlights after it wrapped up. This includes Fetterman’s camp blaming the closed captioning system that it demanded, tested, and approved prior to the event.

Peter Savodnik, writing on Common Sense, did a post-game and noted that prior to the event, the media dogpiled on NBC’s Dasha Burns for mentioning Fetterman’s struggles last week. Here’s an excerpt:

From Kara Swisher: “Sorry to say but I talked to @JohnFetterman for over an hour without stop or any aides and this is just nonsense. Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk.”

From New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister, who profiled the candidate: His “comprehension is not at all impaired.” The problem, she explained, is “a hearing/auditory challenge.” She added: “He understands everything.”

Molly Jong-Fast came to Fetterman’s defense, tweeting that, in a recent interview, the candidate “understood everything I was saying and he was funny.”

Connie Schultz, a USAToday columnist and the wife of Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, observed: “As he continues to recover, @JohnFetterman used technology to help him answer a reporter’s questions. How we as journalists frame this reveals more about us than it does him.”

The Atlantic’s John Hendrickson suggested that the problem wasn’t Fetterman but, well, us. “Part of our culture’s ongoing stigmatization of disability stems from our profound lack of understanding about the variability—and spectrum—of physical and mental challenges.”


What do Morning Joe’s disconnect and the pre-emptive strikes for Fetterman have in common? It isn’t two visions for the country, or an earnest desire to preserve democracy. It isn’t even the inability to grasp reality. The media is eyeball-deep in the Progressive movement. There is too much money and too many careers at stake right now. The party line must be preserved at all costs. The media doesn’t care about the country, or you. It only cares about itself.


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