5 Reasons 'Seinfeld' Would Get Crushed by SJWs Today

"Seinfeld" stands the test of time ... so far.

Culture is constantly in flux, and sitcoms that once represented the pinnacle of humor can seem antiquated over time. Much of "The Honeymooners" still works as intended, but not every classic crack lands like it once did.

So it's possible "Seinfeld's" signature shtick may strike the next generation as far less funny than it was to audiences who grew up with the show.

And then there's the Social Justice Warrior crowd. They often see today's humor as unacceptable, let alone jokes a mere decade old. These scolds are ready to engage in hashtag wars with any comedian who tells a joke that isn't as polite as they want it to be.

That means SJWs would find plenty of "Seinfeld's best bits offensive. Let's count the reasons SJWs would freak if "Seinfeld" hit NBC today and not during the 1990s.

1. One Woman ... No People of Color

The four-person ensemble isn't gender balanced. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Elaine is the only woman in the quartet. That alone could spark trouble. Much worse? The show features a predominantly white cast, and that includes the guest stars. Once more, progressives would actively pressure the show to be more inclusive, particularly in a series set in New York City.

The fact that some of the progressives caterwauling about the ethnic disparity may belong to similarly monochromatic social circles won't stop them.