Which Ideology Can Lead Black Americans to Happiness and Wealth?

Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson appearing on MSNBC to equate the significance of the Boston bombers' religion with their musical tastes:

While some black studies professors are busy indoctrinating students in strident anticapitalism and racial supremacism, and other inhabitants of the Ebony Tower are preaching only some­what less extreme versions of the same ideology, a very different message about race has been resonating with ordinary, hard­ working black Americans. In recent years, the comedian and ac­tor Bill Cosby has been speaking to audiences in black churches and other community centers, lamenting the prevalence among black Americans of unwed teenage mothers and absentee fathers, violent and misogynistic gangsta rap, and black ­on ­black crime. He has been calling on young black people to reject these self­ destructive social pathologies and to embrace traditional Ameri­can values of self ­respect and personal responsibility.

In an Atlantic article about Cosby’s crusade, Ta­Nehisi Coates maintains that Cosby’s call for “hard work and moral reform” rather than “protests and government intervention” res­onates with “conservative black Americans who are convinced that integration, and to some extent the entire liberal dream, robbed them of their natural defenses.” Coates points out that in 2004, the New York Times found that black parents in Lou­isville, Kentucky, the site of a historic battle over school deseg­regation in 1975–76, were now “more interested in educational progress than in racial parity.” Coates also cites a survey showing that 71 percent of American blacks consider rap “a bad influ­ence.” Coates quotes lines from one of Cosby’s speeches in which the comedian assails some black Americans’ uninformed image of themselves as Africans: “We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans. They don’t know a damn thing about Africa— with names like Shaniqua, Shaliqua, Mohammed, and all that crap, and all of them are in jail.”