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Economic Freedom: Canadian Province Beats Out All 50 States


Move over, Texas: There's a new "economic freedom" sheriff in town.

As Mark Steyn noted ruefully over the weekend, "It's come to this..."

So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the most economically free state in North America isn’t a state. It’s a Canadian province.

That province being Alberta.

It's no surprise to any American who's been following the Keystone XL pipeline saga:

With its abundant oil and cowboy spirit, Alberta is the Texas of Canada, but without the chronic handicaps created by massive illegal immigration, not to mention the state's fixation on football that, frankly, breaks at least half the Ten Commandments.

The Frasier Institute (a Canadian "right wing" think tank) has just released its annual report, Economic Freedom of North America.

Using 2011 data, the Institute places two Canadian provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan, at the top of it's "sub-national jurisdictions" list, followed by Delaware, Texas and Nevada.

Cato's Daniel J. Mitchell isn't surprised:

Back in February, I said Australia probably was the country most likely to survive and prosper as much of the world suffered fiscal collapse and social chaos.

In hindsight, I probably should have mentioned Canada as an option, in part because of pro-growth reforms in the past two decades that have significantly reduced the burden of government spending.