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'Comedy Gives Back' Proves People Can Make a Difference -- But Not the Way They Expected


So being a genetically programmed pessimistic misanthrope and contrarian, I was all geared up to bash Comedy Gives Back.

This 24-hour telethon airing November 6-7 is raising money for "Malaria No More, a charitable organization striving to end deaths from malaria."

My immediate reaction was, "Oh, great. More damn mosquito nets."

See, liberal idiots have been pushing mosquito nets on Africans for generations as a way to (sort of) prevent malaria, when every smart conservative knows there's already a cheap, easy, safe, proven way to prevent malaria: spraying DDT all over the joint.

Alas, thanks to colossal fraud Rachel Carson, her privileged know-nothing admirers, and all their junk science, most folks still think DDT makes people sick.

DDT's exaggerated dangers were debunked long ago, but so many progressives cling to emotion and dramatic narratives over cold hard facts -- no matter how many black strangers have to die so white leftists can keep feeling self-righteous.

I figured the folks at Malaria No More were still pushing the anti-DDT message, one that would get a boost after A-list comics like Marc Maron, Adam Carolla, Eugene Mirman and Kevin Nealon performed on the Comedy Gives Back telethon.

Then I visited MalariaNoMore.org.