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The Only Reason Why a Man (Or A Woman) Should Get Married

Dr. Helen asks the question at her blog: Name 5 Reasons a Man Should Get Married,

As I think about it, I wonder in today’s anti-male climate, whether there are financial and legal reasons that a man would want to marry. Maybe I’m being too cynical here. Can readers help me out?

No financial or legal reasons exist for a man to want to marry. I'll go further: no secular reasons exist for a man to marry. Choosing marriage is an entirely irrational act, contrary to male nature and self-interest. It's an act of self-sacrifice in which the man decides to give up his own life so he can take care of his wife and their children, giving them a better life than he knew himself.

There's only one reason why anyone should marry: Because they believe in a religion that says you're supposed to get married and have as many children as possible and that happiness will then follow. If a transcendent God doesn't exist and death is the absolute end then what difference does it make if a man spends his money on a wife and kids or on toys and escorts?


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