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Death in the Evening

No, it's not the name of an unpublished Hemingway novel. It's a drink -- and a killer one. From GINtender.com: Lucid Absinthe, 1 oz. hard cider, 1 egg white and blood orange bitters.

Try it that way if you want, but that's not what I had Sunday at The Walrus and the Carpenter, the trendy new oyster joint in Ballard, WA. Mine was one part vodka, one part pastis, splash of soda, squeeze of lime - over rocks. Doubles as anesthesia if you need open heart surgery. Next time I will try with absinthe, rather than pastis, now that that favorite of Rimbaud and Baudelaire is legal again.

[The Green Faerie could not be reached for comment. Though not for lack of trying -- Ed.]