8 Simple and Elegant Ways to Add Fall Decor to Your Home


If you can’t get enough of crisp, cool fall weather, then chances are that you are excited about embracing the coming months of beautiful fall colors and decor. While it is still early September (and not even officially autumn yet…) you might not want to start putting pumpkins, leaves, and skeletons all over your house just yet. Instead, you might consider adding a few hints of fall throughout your home to allude to the approaching season. There will plenty of time and opportunities to go all-out with Halloween- and Thanksgiving-focused decorations. In the meantime, keep it simple and subtle. The results will be beautiful.


Fall-Themed Table Runner


You can add a hint of fall to your table with a simple table runner. Consider fall colors, or perhaps a leaf decoration. It is a simple and elegant way to give a nod to the changing of the leaves and the slightly cooler temperatures. You can also do the same with a full table cloth. As long as it represents your personality and style, then you can’t go wrong.

Accent Pillows


It is amazing what a simple pillow or two can do to a room. Your couch probably already has a couple of pillows that match it. For the next 2-3 months, put those in a closet, and replace them with fall-themed accent pillows. The possibilities are endless as you choose among colors, textures, and designs. Try to avoid Halloween decor until late October. With vaguer designs, you can keep the pillows out until December.

Decorative Candles


A beautiful candle arrangement is a great way to welcome the season. Another option includes fall-scented candles. And yet another way to go would be brown, maroon, or deep yellow-colored mason jars holding tea candles. The mood in your home will instantly change with this subtle touch, and your guests will feel warmly welcomed.


Thanksgiving Signs


It can be easy to overdo it in this category, so try to show a bit of restraint. But one small sign expressing gratitude can be a beautiful way to decorate at this time of year. You can also use a small chalkboard and write “Give Thanks” or something similar in a neat script.



Of course the simplest way to add a bit of all flair to your house is to hang a festive wreath. You can make your own, or find them in just about every home furnishing store at this time of year. This is a great way to express your style, so don’t hold back here. Wreaths can be great for kids to help make as well, so look up some DIY options and get out the glue gun!

Flower Arrangements


If you love fresh flowers, then by all means, pull out those vases! You don’t need pumpkins to make your table centerpiece. At this time of year there are countless flowers at the markets or local florists that can make for beautiful fall arrangements. And the best part is that you can change it up every few days or week!



If you want to make a bigger commitment, you can go so far as to have your landscaping reflect the coming season. While it is a slightly more expensive way to go, it can result in incredible curb appeal.


Throw Blanket


As the evenings get increasingly chilly, chances are you want to stay warm while you snuggle up in front of the TV. That is another wonderful opportunity to add an accent of color to your couch. A cozy, fall-toned blanket will not only keep you warm, but will provide a hint of the season.


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