Media Ignores Yearly Fourth of July Carnage in Chicago to Focus on Suburban Shooting: Wonder Why?

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

A gunman climbed onto a rooftop in Highland Park, Ill., and opened fire on an Independence Day parade, killing six and injuring at least 31 more.

Police arrested 22-year-old Robert Crimo III (AKA Awake the Rapper). Lefty media was pleased to learn the shooter is white, but he doesn’t look like any conservative I know. He looks a lot like Antifa. And who were his victims? Patriots celebrating the Fourth of July.


The tragic shooting has gotten a lot of press coverage. It was one of seven mass shootings on July 4 and 17 over the holiday weekend that started on July 1. But the press hasn’t given much coverage to shootings in other cities. The mainstream media also seems to have missed the weekend carnage in Chicago, a mere 27 miles away.

Chicago’s annual Fourth of July “Festival of Lead” left ten people dead and another 31 injured by gunfire (in 28 different incidents), which is close to the body count in Highland Park.

DENY-O-RAMA! Mainstream news outfits also haven’t said much about the Chicago mobs that attacked police trying to break up some drag racers at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Why isn’t the media focusing on the weekend mass shootings in Boston, Kansas City, Chicago, and the Queens neighborhood of Corona in New York City? Aww, you know!

Rather than take a good, honest look at the people who commit most of the gun crimes, the left focuses on two things: mass shootings committed by white men and those big, scary AR-15s.


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As I’ve reported in the past, black people commit most mass shootings. Also, as the FBI tells us, semi-automatic rifles aren’t even in the top three weapons of choice for murderers.

CARNAGE-O-RAMA! In 2019, knives were used to murder 1,553 people, 651 were killed by physical beatings, 438 by blunt objects, and 215 by all rifles styles combined.

But those inconvenient truths hurt the bolshie Democrats’ attempt to vilify white people (because it’s easier to conquer a divided population) and simultaneously take our commie birth control semi-automatic weapons.

Not only is the media ignoring the butchery in Chicago (and the 24 people shot in NYC on the Fourth), but lefty social media clowns are also engaging in mental gymnastics, hoping to convince people that Crimo is a “right-wing conservative.”


FACT-O-RAMA! Highland Park banned “assault rifles.” Banning the guns didn’t work. What have we learned? Gun bans are a joke.

Leave it to lefty jackpuddings to try to pretend a pink-haired freak-show with tattoos on his face gunning down Fourth of July revelers is a conservative while simultaneously ignoring the ritual slaughter taking place in America’s large, blue cities every weekend.


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