'White People Should Commit Suicide As an Ethical Act,' Claims White Woke Prof

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Woke 3.0 Duquesne University professor Derek Hook agrees with a professor from South Africa that white people should off themselves.

“White people should commit suicide as an ethical act” is how Hook starts his video, which is said to be part of a summer session class and not meant to be made public.


The video was released by an anti-critical race theory group called Mythinformed MKE.

“This is part of an ‘anti-racist’ discussion on ‘nice white therapists’ held by the American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work,” the group wrote on Facebook.

The American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work is a far-left group that had previously called upon President Trump to resign days before his term in office ended, due to the violence at the Capitol.

Hook, who is white, doesn’t mention whether or not he plans to do the ethical thing and kill himself.

Hook was quoting from and agreeing with a South African philosophy professor named Terblanche Delport, who wrote in 2016 about “ethical” white people killing themselves in reaction to racial division in the former apartheid state.

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“The only life purpose for whites, specifically Afrikaners, is to await their death or to commit suicide, like the sumarai falls on his short sword when he has fallen into disgrace,” Delport declared, according to Radio Free South Africa.


FACT-O-RAMA! Terblanch Delport is a practitioner of psychoanalysis with expertise in the areas of Lacanian psychoanalysis, post-colonial theory (the work of Frantz Fanon in particular), the psychology of racism and critical social psychology,” according to his university bio.

“Here’s the kind of crazy gambit of this talk,” Hook said. “I want to suggest that psychoanalytically we could even make the argument that there was something ethical in Delport’s statements.”

While Hook agrees that Delport might just be a “fighter” who is overly aggressive in his beliefs, he doesn’t want to dismiss the idea of white people killing themselves to “atone for racism”.

Suicide isn’t the only way for white people to sanctify themselves, Hook suggests. If killing yourself seems too extreme, Hook believes that whitey can undergo “metaphorical castration.”

You first, Dr. Hook.


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