BREAKING: Reports of Multiple Additional Explosions Near Kabul Airport

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

According to unconfirmed preliminary reports, there have been additional explosions near the Kabul airport.

At least 12 American troops, all rumored to be Marines, were killed in the first two suicide blasts. No word yet on where the other explosions took place, or whether or not there are casualties.


At a press briefing moments ago, General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of CENTCOM, could not confirm additional bombings.  “I can’t confirm that there are other attacks around HKIA,” he explained but said officials are investigating the possibility. He indicated during the briefing that he’s getting his information from open-source media, which likely means Twitter and other social media platforms.

The first two bombings killed at least 40 and wounded another 120 civilians and military personnel. Those numbers are preliminary and the situation changes by the minute. PJ Media will update stories as information becomes available.

President Joe Biden has yet to speak today. The State Department issued a statement saying they will be holding no briefings today.


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