Daily Dose of Downey: Kmart and Sears Discontinue Ashli Babbitt T-Shirt, Keep Selling Commie Swag

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Karens of the World Unite and Take Over

Sure, Kmart will sell you a cute little doll of serial executioner Che Guevara. Why not? He was a communist and the left is down with the klowns. Try to get a shirt with patriot Ashli Babbitt’s name on it and you’re going to have to look somewhere other than KMart and Sears. The two struggling retailers have discontinued selling the shirts on their websites after Vox Sitzpinkler Aaron Rupar tweeted a pic of the patriotic merch.


Rupar and various other commie white girls flipped their Depends over the Ashli Babbitt t-shirts being sold. I’d search their Twitter accounts to see their outrage at the people raped, assaulted, and killed by BLM and Antifa, but I fear I’d find nothing but cat memes.

We live in a country that erects monuments to thugs who get shot attacking cops because, well, woke–duh. But a woman that served her country and gets shot, unarmed, protesting election thievery is a “terrorist” according to lefty harridans.

I just ordered an Ashli Babbitt t-shirt from teechip.com. I can’t wait to wear it as I stroll through New York City. Lefty outrage is HILARIOUS. They get so angry that they spit when they scream and avocado toast coagulates in the corners of their mouths.

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Real Insurrection

This is probably a lovely time to remind people what a real insurrection looks like. It looks like BLM and their Antifa non-binary siblings attacking the White House in May of 2020.


I don’t recall any fires being set at the Capitol on January 6. I also don’t recall any unarmed rioters being shot out side the White House despite this carnage.

Space to Destroy

Exactly what does it take to get shot if you’re rioting? Apparently one must be holding a Trump flag. Setting fires and assaulting the Secret Service (and injuring 60 of them) wont even get you arrested, unless perhaps you have a Lego White House in your den. The White House siege lasted six days, though D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser lied and claimed it was only one day. Bowser, who ordered a 6:00 p.m. curfew on January 6, 2021, declared an 11:00 p.m. curfew during the six days of Washington D.C. riots, after initially claiming she wouldn’t institute a curfew at all. I guess a 6:00 pm curfew wouldn’t give the pinkos enough time to burn the Capitol.


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Capitalism Takes the Day

The summer heat is picking up. Social violence will be back with a vengeance! Don’t wait! Get your souvenir George Floyd hoodies and some BLM swag for the next insurrection, compliments of Kmart and Sears.



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