'Right-Wing Rage' = Left-Wing Projection

Since the election, the left has alternately gloated, pleaded for conservatives and liberals to pull together to help Barack Obama in the name of unity, or shamelessly carped about “right wing rage.”


The gloating is expected and the unity pleas are naive, but let’s talk about “right wing rage.”

Among others, the Los Angeles Times has cited Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, neither of whom are particularly angry guys, as right-wing rage-holics for not laying down and dying after the election. CNN’s Campbell Brown also hit this same meme — which you can be certain will become more popular as time goes on.

This is actually nothing new. Back in the nineties, Bill Clinton blamed the Oklahoma City bombing on the “many loud and angry voices” in conservative talk radio that “spread hate.”

But the truth is that you don’t have to be angry, loud, hateful, or advocate violence to be a “loud and angry voice” that “spreads hate” in the eyes of the left or the media.

You merely have to disagree with them.

People will see that in the near future, when talk radio is hammered for some incident or another — it really doesn’t really matter what specific incident, because the facts will be secondary — and then the left uses the occasion to try to ram through the Fairness Doctrine and clamp down on Limbaugh, Hannity, and others. If you can’t make a better argument, then use the power of government to silence your political opponents.


You can also expect the Democrats to go back to the “right-wing rage” meme as soon as the glow starts to wear off of Obama. After all, he ran as an “everything to everyone” candidate. He portrayed himself as a diehard liberal and a moderate, a hawk and a dove, a tax cutting free marketer and a statist, a pragmatist and an idealist, a partisan tough guy and a unifier. No matter what he does, a lot of people are destined to be deeply disappointed in him.

When that happens and his approval rating starts to tank, what better way will there be to explain it than to blame the racism of those “angry white males” who are destroying the unlimited potential of Barack Obama? Then, the reporters will head for the red state heartland and interview a few hundred people, ask them leading questions, pick out the angriest, most racist sounding yokels in the bunch, and portray them as the average conservative who disagrees with Obama.

That’s just how they roll,  believing that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” only applies when Republicans are in power.

That being said, there have been disturbing incidents involving extreme rage that must be mentioned in order to be fair.


There was, after all, the writer for the well known conservative blog who stabbed her roommate to death 222 times and then committed suicide when the police closed in. And who can forget the prominent conservative who promised that if her party lost the election, it would “spark the second American Civil War.  “Blood will run in the streets, believe me.” Then there was the notorious conservative who said he’d like to stick his feet so far up Michelle Obama’s behind that, “the Mayo Clinic would have to remove them .” It’s also worth pointing to the conservative magazine that called for Nuremberg style trials for the liberals that disagreed with their positions on the military.

Wait a second. Did I say conservatives? Whoops, I meant liberals. Actually, it was Huffington Post writer Carol Anne Burger who stabbed her roommate to death, Erica Jong who said “blood will run in the streets” if Obama lost, Spike Lee talking about Condi Rice not Michelle Obama, and the Nuremberg style trials were called for by the environmentalist wackos over at Grist for people who had the audacity to disagree with them over climate change.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that no one on the right gets angry or that all of us are just fine with losing to Obama, the performance of Republicans in the congressional races, and the grievous harm the left is going to inflict on our country over the next few years. That wouldn’t be honest.


What I will tell you is that after eight years of falsely calling Bush a liar on a daily basis, accusing Bush of being behind 9/11, spinning conspiracy theories, Bush assassination art and plays, pursuing politically motivated prosecutions against Republicans, winking at terrorists like Bill Ayers, undermining the war in Iraq, throwing food at conservative speakers at colleges, participating in angry demonstrations, and calling conservatives evil, Nazis, & racists, the right has a long, long, way to go to catch up to the left in the “rage” department.


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