Here's Where We Are as a Society: Debating Whether It's OK to Throw Milkshakes on People Who Disagree With Us

Britain's former UKIP leader Nigel Farage attends a session at the European Parliament (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)

Here’s where we are as a society: We’re actually debating whether it’s okay to throw semi-frozen beverages on people for disagreeing with us.

I honestly couldn’t care less whether Britain exits the European Union, stays in it for the next thousand years, or sinks into the Atlantic. (They already canceled Sherlock, and the last few episodes sucked anyway.) I also think it’s wrong to throw stuff at people who have strong opinions about Brexit. Of course, leftists are just fine with any sort of violence as long as it isn’t happening to them.


A fellow named Tom Peck, who describes himself as a “political sketch writer,” said as much on British breakfast television this morning:

You really have to be an @$$hole to make Piers Morgan sound like the voice of reason.

Peck expands on this at The Independent, explaining why this act of violence, “however small,” is okay:

For several weeks now, Nigel Farage has been visiting every part of the country, delivering a stump speech on Brexit that is a lie from start to finish, and no politician has done anything to stop him. The sum total of the resistance he has thus far met is £5.25’s worth of salted caramel milkshake. Not great, but it’s better than nothing.

If Farage didn’t want to get pelted with dairy-based treats, he shouldn’t have made Tom Peck so upset.

Another Brit named Jonn Elledge, writing for the New Statesman, denies that throwing milkshakes at people is violence at all:


[T]hrowing a milkshake over a politician who incites hatred is completely and totally fine… it’s not actually a form of violence. I have, in my life, been punched, and kicked, and had drinks thrown over me. I find it extremely easy to work out which of those three was not a violent act…

The idea that throwing a milkshake is violence, but that inciting hate against minority groups isn’t, is responsible for a decent-sized chunk of all the world’s political problems.

Or: “Speech I don’t like is violence, and violence I like is speech.”

I sincerely hope that Tom Peck, Jonn Elledge, and everybody else who applauds this wave of “milkshaking” can avoid having any frosty confections hurled at them as they walk down the street. Not only because it’s wrong, but because the cognitive dissonance, as they try to explain why such an act is no longer tolerable, might drive them crazy.*

Words like “hatred” and “violence” mean whatever a leftist says they mean. The definition can change at any moment, and back again, depending on how it benefits his argument.


Meanwhile, the idiot who threw a $6.50 Five Guys milkshake at Farage has been charged with assault. His sentence should include a low-carb diet, a whole lot of sit-ups, and a shave.

*Well… crazier.


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