Joe Biden Launches Presidential Campaign with Some Malarkey About Nazis

“Malarkey” is a nice way to say Joe Biden just told another lie. Not a prevarication. Not a half-truth. Not a gaffe. A lie. A big one.

Here’s Biden’s launch announcement, finally:


Charlottesville was when Joe Biden knew he had to run for president… which is why he’s been dithering about it and putting it off until today.

Uncle Joe leaps right out of the gate with a big fat lie. I disagreed with Trump about the “fine people on both sides” thing, but he wasn’t talking about the murder of Heather Heyer. He wasn’t talking about Nazis. He was talking about the debate over Confederate statues. Maybe you don’t think there are any fine people who want to keep those statues, but that’s who he was talking about. Not Nazis.

Trump even said:

“I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

That seems unequivocal to me. But it doesn’t fit the #OrangeManBad narrative, so our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters just pretend he never said it. Now they’ll pretend Biden is telling the truth, because the actual truth doesn’t help them.

There are plenty of honest, good-faith criticisms of Trump. (I know this because his biggest fans always scream at me when I make them.) Yet Joe Biden just launched his campaign with a dishonest, bad-faith criticism. I guess he thinks he’s fighting fire with fire. If Trump doesn’t care about the truth, why should he? So much for providing an alternative.


Is Biden now going to blame Bernie Sanders for James T. Hodgkinson’s attempt to assassinate a group of Republicans? Is it Bernie’s fault that Steve Scalise almost died? That’s the “logic” here.

And remember when Obama promised to fundamentally transform America? That used to be a good thing. Uncle Joe thought it was such a terrific idea that he joined the team. But now he says it’s bad. Guess it all depends on who’s holding the reins of power, eh, Joe?

Now I’ll be accused of being a “Trump supporter,” just because I don’t like being lied to whether the liar is a Republican or a Democrat. So be it, I guess.

P.S. And away we go…


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