True the Vote National Summit for Election Integrity

True the Vote is a national organization dedicated to election integrity. They do what no political party has ever done, meticulously review the voter rolls to detect fraud and ineligible voters, and deploy hundreds of poll watchers to monitor polling places. For example, they detected tens of thousands of phony petition signatures in the Scott Walker recall effort. True the Vote will have a very large footprint in the 2012 elections, and the usual gang of Leftist vote fraud deniers aren’t happy about it.


But ensuring free and fair elections isn’t a spectator sport. You can learn how to participate in the election this fall. True the Vote is holding a national training summit April 27 and 28 in Houston where you can learn how to be an active participant fighting for election integrity instead of a passive observer. (Registration is here).

I will be appearing to speak, but so will a blockbuster lineup of speakers. They include:

•Rep. Artur Davis -Former Alabama Congressman | Fellow at Harvard Institute of Politics

•James O’Keefe -President, Project Veritas

•Pat Caddell -FOX News Contributor | Political Strategist

•John Fund – Author of Stealing Elections | Columnist, America Spectator

•Christian Adams -Author of Injustice | Publisher, Election Law Center | Former DOJ attorney

•Anita MonCrief -ACORN Whistleblower| Publisher, Emerging Corruption

•Hans Von Spakovsky -Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation | Former Federal Elections Commissioner

•Tom Fitton -President, Judicial Watch

Take note of Rep. Artur Davis. Former congressman Davis was an eyewitness to the systemic voter fraud that plagues American elections. But he also witnessed the conspiratorial silence of voter fraud deniers, because he was once on that side. Davis saw how elections in Alabama were stolen by racially infused operatives that stuffed the ballot boxes with illegal votes. Good and decent can only tolerate so much criminality before they are compelled to speak out.


James O’Keefe, naturally, needs no introduction. His Project Veritas videos have exposed disturbing vulnerabilities in electoral systems when no voter ID is required.

Attendees will learn about the mechanics of actually doing something about voter fraud and election integrity instead of griping that somebody else should do something about it. If you want to help foster election integrity in your community, this is the event to attend.

If not in 2012, when?

Make no mistake, institutions are aligned against citizens who fight for fraud free elections. Groups like Brennan Center for Justice, a group funded by the convicted felon George Soros, publish phony and flawed reports on voter fraud that omit example after example of voter fraud. Worse, media outlets present the phony Brennan Center study as if it is credible. (A few examples here and here and one “Jack Hembree” here.)

Or consider the sloppy reporting by William March of the Tampa Tribune. He writes: “True the Vote is an outgrowth of King Street Patriots, a Houston-based group accused in court of using poll watchers to suppress minority voting in Houston in 2010.”

William March

Really? Where? What court document alleges that True the Vote suppressed minority voting in Houston in 2010? More likely, March is confusing debunked reporting by Left wing blogs and the shrill complaints of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee with a court document. No matter, this passes for reporting by the Tampa Tribune, a publication with plunging circulation numbers.


So come to Houston and learn how to look for corruption in the electoral process. Learn how to counter the lies by Soros-funded voter fraud deniers like the Brennan Center. And learn how to expose the sloppy reporting that gives cover to criminal activity in our elections by people like William March.



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