August 15, 2018

HMM: Joe Biden skips political rally ‘under doctor’s orders.’ No details given.

NOW OUT: Knoxville lawyer Michael J. Stanuszek’s first book: Don’t Get Fat, Kids! 100 Quips about Life from a Middle-Aged Husband and Father.

GOOD QUESTION: Omarosa’s Trump ‘N-Word’ Narrative Is Falling Apart, Where Are The Tapes?

ALL THE BEST PEOPLE TOLD ME THAT NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN: July Retail Sales Rock, Productivity Soars Above Expectations, Manufacturing Businesses Booming.

SOME PEOPLE MADE FUN OF ARIANNA HUFFINGTON’S SLEEP-QUALITY CRUSADE, BUT I WASN’T ONE OF THEM: Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection.

Poor sleep can literally kill your social life. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others, avoiding close contact in much the same way as people with social anxiety.

Worse still, that alienating vibe makes sleep-deprived individuals more socially unattractive to others. Moreover, well-rested people feel lonely after just a brief encounter with a sleep-deprived person, potentially triggering a viral contagion of social isolation.

The findings, which will be published August 14 in the journal Nature Communications, are the first to show a two-way relationship between sleep loss and becoming socially isolated, shedding new light on a global loneliness epidemic.

I blame smartphones and social media. We should probably regulate them like tobacco.

SPENGLER: The Left’s Loonie Foreign Policy. “There’s a benchmark test for basic sanity in world affairs, and that’s your attitude towards Israel.”

POLL: Majority of GOP agrees news media is ‘enemy of the people.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Morgan State prof defends Antifa, likens police to white supremacists.

NOW OUT FROM ROBERT POOLE: Rethinking America’s Highways: A 21st-Century Vision for Better Infrastructure.

BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT: China is really not happy with Trump’s $716 billion defense spending bill.

The bill received widespread bipartisan backing in Congress, amid a growing acknowledgment that the U.S. is facing an increased threat from Russia and China.

The bill is considered particularly tough on China, targeting several areas of concern for the Pentagon, including the increased Chinese military activity in the South China Sea, Beijing’s pursuit of cutting-edge U.S. technology and the spread of Communist Party propaganda at American institutions.

China’s commerce, defense and foreign ministries all issued statements slamming the bill’s proposals.

The commerce ministry focused on a ban on Chinese telecommunications giants Huawei and ZTE. The U.S. government and government contractors will now largely be blocked from using the companies’ products in the future, though in non-critical systems some products will still be allowed.

China’s foreign ministry pointed out that the act was passed despite Beijing’s strong objections, and it was dissatisfied with the “negative content related to China.”

I remember the Kremlin protesting Reagan’s defense budgets, and look how that turned out.

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (IN THE IMPERATIVE SENSE): My colleague Angela Logomasini tells the story of New York businessman Eli Amsel.

Despite the growing economy, Amsel says his business is down by 20 percent because New York’s regulatory environment is crushing him. In particular, during the past several years, the regulatory state has delivered a triple whammy: an insanely high minimum wage hike, bag taxes, and now a possible ban on his key product—plastic bags.

Goodbye American dream; hello regulatory nightmare.

This is all too typical of the problems faced by small businessmen these days.

AN ARMED CITIZENRY, SHORTENING CRIMINAL CAREERS: Armed robber shot, killed by two civilians at convenience store.

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN: I find myself in agreement with Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Scholars claim Asian Americans used to perpetuate racism in STEM. Scholars. Scholars claim that.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Omarosa’s Media Tour, Election Results, and Much, Much More. “#metoo candidate Keith Ellison won his race. ‘Somali-born hijab-wearing refugee’ Ilhan Omar won the MN-5 democrat primary and in Vermont, Christine Hallquist, a transgender candidate, won the democrat nomination for governor. Also notable, Tim Pawlenty lost his primary to a more Trump-friendly candidate.”

IT’S QUIET… TOO QUIET: DNC Suuuure Seems Quiet On Deputy Chair’s Domestic-Violence Allegations.

WORK WITH US OR DIE: Facebook Threatens Media.

Seems like another argument for antitrust regulation.


RISE AND FALL AND RISE AND FALL: A move in crude oil to $50 could come as quickly as a surge above $100, says veteran oil investor.

I’ve been thinking prices are due for for a sharp fall, based on growing US inventories of crude and the coming end of peak summer demand for gasoline. But with a strong economy, and Venezuela’s and Iran’s troubles, you never know.

CHANGE: Report: Regulations being cut at record pace, savings double.

Federal agencies, led by Labor and Health and Human Services, are cutting Obama-era regulations and saving money faster than demanded by President Trump, according to a new report.

And as a result, the administration is expected to easily meet the president’s order to cut at least two old regulations for every new one issued and cut the costs of regulations.

“With less than two months remaining in FY 2018, the Trump administration is well on its way to surpassing its regulatory budget goals,” said the new report from American Action Forum, which charts federal regulations.

“Collectively, executive agencies subject to a regulatory budget remain on pace to double the administration’s overall savings goal. On an individual basis, 12 of 22 agencies have already met or surpassed their savings target,” added the report written by Dan Bosch, the director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum.

Trump is the most conservative, and the most libertarian, president of my lifetime. Granted that’s setting the bar pretty low, but I certainly didn’t expect that.

OH, GROW UP: Researchers identify 31 types of anti-atheist microaggressions.

Examples of microaggressions the MANIRS assesses include: “Others have assumed that I am religious,” “Others have acted surprised that I do not believe in God,” and “Others have included a blessing or prayer in a public social gathering.”

Microaggressions are also said to occur if “Others have teased me because of my non-religious identity,” “Others have assumed I have no morals,” or “Others have suggested I am too sensitive about discrimination to against non-religious people.”

“Having this microaggression scale can empower non-religious individuals to talk about their experience with prejudice,” the researchers assert, suggesting that it could help clinicians to “better understand the types of prejudices that their non-religious client experience in their everyday lives” while also making clients feel more comfortable “discussing these subtle experiences of bias with their therapists.”

Some of the most macro-aggressive people I’ve encountered were militant atheists — including me, back in the day.

ANNALS OF POLITICAL HYPOCRISY: Dem Candidate Cisneros Invested in Oil Sector Despite Campaigning Against It.

FASTER? PLEASE! Air Force Doubles Down on Hypersonic Weapons Development with 2nd Contract.

“We are going to go fast and leverage the best technology available to get hypersonic capability to the warfighter as soon as possible,” said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson.

Leaders from the Defense Department, Missile Defense Agency, Air Force, Navy and Army signed a memorandum June 28 to cooperate and help develop “hypersonic boost glide” technology, the release said.

“The joint team requires the right mix of agile capabilities to compete, deter and win across the spectrum of competition and conflict,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein. “We must push the boundaries of technology and own the high ground in this era of great power competition and beyond.”

It’s pretty clear that hypersonic weapons are going to create a new MAD situation, provided of course both sides get them around the same time.

DEMOCRATS’ DREAM: For Former Felons, Voting Rights Could Be a Click Away. Like the Trump presidency itself, this was foreshadowed by The Simpsons.

NOW THAT’S REAL SOCIALISM: UN says an estimated 2.3 million people have fled Venezuela.

Severe shortages of basic medicines and medical supplies in Venezuela “have led to a sharp deterioration of the quality of hospitals.”

U.N. officials say more than 100,000 HIV patients are at risk due to lack of access to necessary medication, the U.N. spokesman said. Formerly eradicated diseases including measles, malaria, tuberculosis and diphtheria “are present and on the rise,” he added.

As a result of the dire economic and health care situation, rising numbers of Venezuelans are joining in an exodus that has set off alarms across Latin America.

According to a report cited by the International Organization for Migration in April, population outflows from Venezuela “considerably increased” in recent years, with an estimated 1.6 million Venezuelans abroad in 2017 compared with 700,000 in 2015.

Of the 1.6 million, it said approximately 885,000 were in South America, 308,000 in North America, 78,000 in Central America, 21,000 in the Caribbean and the rest scattered elsewhere.

The exodus has been more dramatic this year.

Things may get a whole lot worse before suddenly falling apart.

CHELSEA CLINTON: Legalized Abortion Has Added $3.5 Trillion to the Economy.

INCENTIVES MATTER: Peter Strzok cheated on his wife, got fired, and liberals gave him $250,000 anyway.

SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS:  Norway’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Strikes Again.

THEY’RE DERANGED WITH HATRED:  In Peter Strzok, Trump-haters have picked a truly repulsive martyr to their cause.

DON’T GET COCKY:  So much for the ‘blue wave’ in Florida.

THE LEFT THESE DAYS IS SELF DENUNCIATION ALL THE WAY DOWN:  The Nation’s poetry editors denounce themselves.

YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE: Christian Baker Under Fire Again, This Time For Refusing Transgender Cake, Despite Supreme Court Win.

(Classical reference in headline.)


OKAY, SURE, BUT ARE THEY SAYING THAT WHILE STONED?  The Left is not happy with weed!

MY REACTION TO THE TITLE WAS: “HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE”?  BUT YOU KNOW, I THINK SHE’S RIGHT:   The Most Stupid Meme on the Internet.   Of course, it’s also one of the most evil memes ever.

August 14, 2018

OPEN THREAD: Comment on a Groovy Tuesday.

21ST CENTURY QUESTIONS: Lyme Disease Is Spreading Fast. Why Isn’t There a Vaccine? “There used to be one, but it was taken off the market more than 15 years ago. And there’s only one new vaccine candidate in the pipeline.” Result: “You have a vaccine that works, you know it works, you know the disease is prevalent, but there’s no vaccine on the market, except for dogs.”


It is not that there is no home to go to, either. Western history is rich with sustenance for mind and soul. Its longevity, richness, and vibrance are proof enough of that. It is that the people who consider themselves our leaders now deliberately strip America’s young of their roots.

Peterson and many others note rightly that most of our universities, and the other cultural institutions they gatekeep such as media and public schools, are anti-education, anti-culture, and anti-American. They gain power by separating people, by not only refusing to cultivate the capacity for self-government, but also actively cultivating intellectual, economic, and spiritual dependency.

This is why, as Flanagan has noticed, a worthy curriculum, an apprenticeship in the deepest wisdom of our heritage, is typically no longer delivered through the West’s “leading” institutions. To gain any real competence, most people must self-educate through a growing “parallel culture of ideas.” Where have we heard this parallelism language before? Among the anti-Communists of Eastern Europe, for one.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life remains #1 most read on Amazon.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-DOMINATED INSTITUTIONS SUCH CESSPITS OF SEXUAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION? Judge refuses to toss lawsuit accusing Harvey Weinstein of sex trafficking.

ANOTHER CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY: Fulton County Judge Denies Professors’ Injunction Request Against Campus Carry.

S.G. CHEAH: Democratic Socialism is Totalitarian Slavery.

THE PA CATHOLIC SEX ABUSE HORROR: “The rot goes so deep, and goes back so long. If there were similar investigative grand juries empaneled in every state, what would they find? Do we really believe that Pennsylvania is an island of corruption unto itself?”

DAVID STEINBERG: ICYMI: It’s Primary Day, but Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Perjury Evidence Is Still Being Blacked Out by Minnesota Media. Will she win the high-profile Minneapolis seat being vacated by Keith Ellison?

FROM TAMARA KEEL: Range Review: EAA Witness P Match Pro.

AT AMAZON, save on Wheels and Tires.

Plus, deals in Industrial and Scientific.


THIS IS CNN: CNN Attacks Trump Over Tweet on London Terror Attack, Fails Miserably.

SAYING GOODBYE to Sig’s P239. I’ve had one for 20 years or so; it’s a very nice gun.

I’M NEVER ONE TO DOUBT THE PROFESSOR: but this has to be a hoax. Nobody, I mean nobody is named “Nimrod.”

TAMARA KEEL CALLS THIS ARTICLE IN THE ATLANTIC ON JOHN CORREIA “SHOCKINGLY EVEN-HANDED.” The Gun Guru of YouTube: John Correia wants you to prepare for the worst day of your life.

DON’T GET COCKY: Democrat Advantage on House Ballot Slips Below Four Points.

THE 21ST CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT HOW I’D HOPED: Brazilian Butt Lifts Are Resulting In An Alarmingly High Mortality Rate.

WELL, LET’S GET STARTED: The US Would Need a Mega-Constellation to Counter China’s Hypersonic Weapons.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: THE MONOLITHIC MEDIA MAY BE BIASED!   Dr. Hal Pashler and I ran a psychology experiment showing that one’s ideological point of view will tend to color one’s judgment on what is newsworthy. If a news story seems to provide ammunition for one’s own viewpoint, it’s more likely to be viewed as newsworthy. The result may not come as a bolt from the blue for savvy Instapundit readers. But by golly, it’s science now. (Note that the article contains lots of groovy graphs. I’ll bet that you didn’t think I could make graphs like that.)

SCRAPPLEFACE: Charlottesville Rally Bust Made White Man Feel Blue.


Think not? People in the 1970s blew off the Weather Underground as radicals who had nothing to do with the party.

But whom did Democrats nominate in 2008? And who was his political mentor? And who was his religious mentor? And who was the communist he put in charge of the CIA?

This was no accident or coincidence. Democrats have plotted this for 50 years, going back to Teddy the Drunk Kennedy’s first immigration reform, which he reformed again 31 years later, which 32 years later, they want to reform as open borders — which was their goal all along.

Read the whole thing.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 5 Critical Mistakes Made by Defensive Gun Owners. This leaves out the worst mistake: Not having a gun.

EXERCISE WITH A CHILEAN SUBMARINE: A Chilean diesel-electric submarine conducts operations in the Pacific with the U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet. In typical DESI exercises (Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative), USN anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft play “cat and mouse” with diesel-electric subs from friendly South American nations. The South Americans portray “potential adversaries” who deploy diesel-electric subs — like Iran, Russia and China.

D. C. MCALLISTER: America Is Plagued by Privilege, but It’s Not What You Think.

THE DEPLATFORMING CONTINUES: Vimeo Removes Infowars Content as CNN Continues Blacklist Crusade. “Vimeo’s decision comes exactly a week after a slew of major companies including Facebook, Google, Apple podcasts, Spotify, LinkedIn and Pinterest concurrently removed Jones’s content from their service following a blacklist campaign led by CNN Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy.”

So when a media competitor (CNN) gets a bunch of companies to take down its competitor, and they do, is that a conspiracy in restraint of trade? Asking for a friend.

SIMPLE JUSTICE: Prof. Avital Ronell And The Lie of The Feminist Academy.

When law and philosophy prof Brian Leiter revealed academic and feminist superstar Judith Butler’s disgraceful and flagrantly hypocritical letter defending her sister superstar, NYU prof Avital Ronell, I was ready to pull the trigger. I have a post, dated June 13, 2018, fully written, but never published. I knew something Leiter didn’t.

At the time the Butler letter was sent around for signatures, threatening NYU with the wrath of scholars if Ronell wasn’t exonerated, the university had already found Ronell responsible. The only remaining question was what to do about it, one of the university’s brightest academic lights had sexually harassed a gay male student under her care.

This wasn’t one of the faux Title IX cases of post-hoc regret, but the real deal. Ronell was grad student Nimrod Reitman’s doctoral adviser. He came to NYU because of her, to study under her. And from the start of his graduate studies, she turned him into her boy toy upon the implicit threat of destroying his career. And it continued throughout his graduate studies, as proven by Ronell’s emails.

Professor Avital Ronell used her academic power over Reitman to coerce him to be her sexual plaything for years, or else.* And the feminist academy, via Judith Butler and myriad other signatories to a letter, demand that NYU lay off Ronell, or else. And it’s incredible to believe that the finding of responsibility wasn’t the impetus for the threat letter. Yet, these scholars sought to coerce a university into silence and impotence to conceal Ronell’s conduct.

If the patriarchy had been as self-interested and shameless as the feminist Old Girls Network, feminism never would have been a thing.

Plus: “Diane Davis, chair of the department of rhetoric at the University of Texas-Austin, who also signed the letter to the university supporting Professor Ronell, said she and her colleagues were particularly disturbed that, as they saw it, Mr. Reitman was using Title IX, a feminist tool, to take down a feminist.” It’s never actually about equality.

YUGE: Maduro to curb fuel subsidies.

Venezuela’s president has said its subsidised fuel prices should rise, to stop smugglers cheating the country out of billions of dollars.

“Gasoline must be sold at an international price to stop smuggling to Colombia and the Caribbean,” Nicolás Maduro said in a televised address.

Like many oil producing nations, Venezuela offers its citizens heavily subsidised petrol.

A fuel price rise in 1989 caused deadly riots in the capital, Caracas.

Cheap gas is one of the popular bribes employed by Venezuelan autocrats to take, maintain, and increase their political power. Under the Bolivarian Socialists, cheap gas has also helped to destroy the country’s oil industry — so the irony here is schadenfreudelicious.

I AGREE: An Underappreciated Key to College Success: Sleep. I always figured I was better off bullshitting with a clear head than trying to cram overnight. But actually, if you go to class and do the reading all along, you don’t have to worry that much.

SAD NEWS: Aretha Franklin in hospice care, CNN reports.

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LIZ PEEK: Obama’s economist grasps at straws trying to devalue Trump’s impact.

A recent Rasmussen poll showed that 50 percent of likely voters say Trump deserves plaudits for the improving economy, while only 40 percent credit President Obama.

Even in a Quinnipiac poll taken at the height of the controversy over Trump’s Helsinki summit, when the president came under extreme criticism, respondents by a 49-47 margin were positive on his handling of the economy.

Larry Summers not only disagrees that President Trump has anything to do with our improving economy, he is also reluctant to bury his gloomy “secular stagnation” theory that income and job growth will forever be severely restricted.

He is, of course, in the position of having to explain why the Obama administration, in which he served as director of the National Economic Council, failed to excite higher investment and spending and instead presided over the slowest post-recession growth in modern times.

I had been assured by all the smartest people, starting in 2009, that “business climate” was just a myth.

HMM: Weak grip may signal future health trouble for adults, children. “During the study period, those children with weak grips were over three times more likely to remain in poor health or to have declines in health than those with strong grips. Previous studies have shown that muscle weakness as measured by grip strength is a predictor of poor health in adults, but this is the first to do so in children, according to senior study author Paul Gordon.”

The question is whether exercise would help, or just mask the effect of an underlying problem.

SHE WENT KETO: Jenna Jameson Opens Up About The Tough ‘Mental Aspect’ Of Losing Weight. Mindset is key.

HE DIDN’T INHALE: British Labor Party Leader Corbyn Admits Attendance at Ceremony Honoring Munich Terrorists. “He ‘doesn’t think’ he was involved in laying a wreath at the graves of terrorists.”

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BLUE WAVE? If Trump’s Voters Turn Out This Fall, They’ll Give Republicans A Big Senate Majority.

In Minnesota, where two Senate seats are in play, both Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, who replaced Al Franken, would face close votes if Minnesota’s smaller-town voters continue as they voted in 2016. Similarly, Sherrod Brown in Ohio, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, and Claire McCaskill in Missouri would likely lose if those voters come back this year.

Joe Donnelly looks almost certain to lose in Indiana at this point. Bob Casey’s continued career in the Senate appears to depend on his winning back the blue-collar voters who deserted Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Not every election goes by the numbers: incumbency, a willingness to chase after every voter in every village, hamlet, and farm community, and likable personalities can often give a popular incumbent a significant edge in a statewide race. The Midwestern voter shift that was so dramatic in 2016 may prove to be sharply watered-down in the 2018 midterms. However, this is not an excuse for Democrats’ campaigns to relax or become complacent.

Focusing the 2018 statewide elections on Trump may not succeed for Democrats. It certainly killed Hillary’s momentum to devote so much time to her opponent’s weaknesses, because it left so little time to emphasize her own strengths.

Considering her actual “strengths,” what else could she have done?

HEH: Outside of All the Violence, Those Antifa Protests Sure Were Peaceful.

By all accounts Antifa is radical, anarchist, and avowedly pro-violence, to the extent that the Barack Obama FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a warning calling them “anarchist extremists” and “domestic terrorists,” a warning that has since been vindicated by many, many, many, many, many, many violent protests. Why, two years later, are the national media still downplaying the criminal elements of so-called “anti-hate” protesters?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Related: The News Media Bet On Trump Emboldening White Supremacy And Lost.

Flashback: Last year, CNN published the headline “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence,” then “scrubbed the headline of its article and changed it to ‘Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement.’ Benny Johnson [then with] the Independent Journal Review took a screenshot of the two different headlines and claimed CNN altered the original title because antifa did not like it.”

IT WAS GENOCIDE, NOT ECOCIDE: New evidence suggests that Easter Island was still a cohesive society before the arrival of the Dutch explorers, contradicting the Jared Diamond-popularized view that the Easter Islanders committed ecological suicide, or “ecocide.” Of course, those of us who read Benny Peiser’s exhaustive critique over a decade ago already knew this.

SALENA ZITO: Trump’s not the reason the GOP sputtered in Ohio.

Both Ohio and Pennsylvania represent the new coalition of Trump voters — Rust Belt states that were expected to swing blue in 2016 but in fact went for the unorthodox billionaire who promised to “Make America Great Again.”

So why, two years later, is the GOP having so much trouble connecting with these people? Is it Trump? The party establishment?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Balderson’s weak showing was a referendum on the president. “Voters here sent a message to the Republicans to knock it off,” Kasich told CBS News last week. “Stop the chaos, the division, no more of this family separation that we see at the border or taking people’s health care away. I think [people] have . . . basically had enough and they’re sending a message to the Republicans, including the Republican in the White House . . . This district is so Republican, there should never even have been an election here. And it was so close and — in one of the counties that’s so solidly Republican — where a Republican would normally win by 70 percent, it broke basically 50-50.”

But Kasich, who hasn’t yet ruled out a run for president in 2020, has got the wrong end of the stick. The GOP’s problem isn’t its president. The problem is its message.

Trump is the sun around which the solar system of American politics operates. You can’t outshine him.

And his base is solid.

I’d missed this one over a weekend long on chores and entertaining, but it’s still germane and you’ll want to read the whole thing.

SAD! The Army’s XM-25 ‘Punisher’ Supergun Is Dead.


After hearing that part of the tape, any decent newsman would say, “Wait just a minute. Where’s the part of her tape with the lawyers? If it exists, we have to hear it too. We can’t just let her accuse Kelly of being a ‘criminal’ after what Kelly said about questions of her ‘integrity.’”

The film script of “All the President’s Men” dramatizes the editorial problem from a newsman’s point of view: “Ben Bradlee: Now hold it, hold it. We’re about to accuse Haldeman, who only happens to be the second most important man in this country, of conducting a criminal conspiracy from inside the White House. It would be nice if we were right.”

Did anyone try to “hold it” at NBC News? I’ve contacted the network to see if such a conversation took place and if anyone heard the rest of the tape, if it existed. As of yet, after several exchanges, I haven’t gotten an answer. But the fact remains, in spite of Kelly’s rather lengthy and moderate (certainly for a Marine general) summary on the tape of what kind of issues had occasioned his meeting with Manigault Newman, NBC showed no on-air interest in the second part of the meeting with the lawyers, which appears to have dealt extensively with issues directly relevant to her credibility. . . .

Manigault Newman was allowed to proclaim her willingness to make her White House personnel file public while NBC made no attempt to ask her what accusations regarding her integrity the White House lawyers had listed in their meeting with her that might impeach her credibility.

Sounds like another instance of Treacher’s First Law of Journalism:

ILLINOIS POLITICS: Holocaust Denier on GOP Ballot Gets a Write-in Challenger, Harasses Him at Home. “Arthur Jones shouted ‘you want to debate the Holocaust, I’ll debate the Holocaust’ as Justin Hanson announced his candidacy in Illinois district.”

Maybe the most important reason to field candidates even in unwinnable races is that it prevents crazies from hijacking the party.

THE ERDOGAN CLOWN SHOW CONTINUES: Stephen’s right that this joker has no understanding of basic economics. Latest example: he has threatened a Turkish boycott of the iPhone. That’ll show ’em. All those young Turks with money in their pocket are sure not to want the latest and best technology. Note – Turkey cannot raise retaliatory tariffs on the US because it is inside the EU’s customs union, hence the feeble call for a boycott instead.

UH-HUH: Erdogan Shifts Blame for Turkey’s Woes to Social Media. “President, who had targeted U.S., now condemns ‘terrorists’ disseminating alleged disinformation about lira’s plunge, nation’s economic downturn.”

“There are economic terrorists on social media,” Mr. Erdogan told an audience of Turkish ambassadors gathered in Ankara’s presidential palace. “They are a genuine network of treason.”

The president said spiteful social-network posts had been spread in a bid to cause panic by saying authorities were preparing to limit bank withdrawals. The government said it had no plan to introduce capital controls.

Also on Monday, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said it would take legal action against owners of 346 social-media accounts identified as having been used to express views that had harmed the lira, the state-run news service, Anadolu Agency, reported.

Yesterday Iain Murray linked to a piece stating that “It is not clear that Erdogan understands basic economics.” But that’s not quite right. It is actually quite clear that Erdogan doesn’t understand basic economics.

DR. HELEN: Is the Need for Approval from Women Killing Men?

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PAY DIVIDENDS: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the Sarah Palin of the Left.

NO ONE IS WOKE ENOUGH: Ruby Rose Quits Twitter Following Trolling Over ‘Batwoman’ Casting.

The Australian actress, who co-stars with Jason Statham in this weekend’s global box office champ “The Meg,” quit Twitter and deactivated public comments on her Instagram account over the weekend following social media backlash against her casting as “Batwoman” in The CW’s “Arrowverse,” which was announced last week.

The openly gay actor faced a range of criticism over her casting as the character, reintroduced by DC Comics in 2006 as a lesbian of Jewish descent. Some of that criticism focused on Rose not being Jewish, but the comments that appear to have caused her to leave Twitter were those suggesting she wasn’t the right actress to play a lesbian superhero.

Before deleting her Twitter account, Rose posted a series of tweets addressing the issue, which she described as “the funniest most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.”

It’s early yet.

BRUCE BAWER: Norway’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Strikes Again.

IN THE MAIL: From Tim Ferriss, Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World.

Plus, Today’s Gold Box and Lightning Deals. They’re all new, so take a look!

ROGER SIMON: Feinstein, Strzok and the Sinister Russia Probe.

WHEN DO WE GET TO RULE IN A MOTIVE? ISIS, Political Motives Ruled Out as Las Vegas Shooter ‘Found Religious People to be Ridiculous.’