December 1, 2009

STEPHEN GREEN IS drunkblogging Obama’s Afghanistan speech.

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UPDATE: Here’s the full text of Obama’s speech. Word-search says “victory” does not appear.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “Not nearly enough.”

More comments from Dana Loesch.

Plus, a word count: “‘I’ – 45, ‘Afghanistan’ – 39, ‘Victory’ – 0.” Though he does talk about defeating Al Qaeda.

Ann Althouse: “He sounded oddly stern, like he was lecturing us. Annoyed at us. The words were meant to be inspirational but there was no lift… no lift of a driving dream. Is he tired of being Obama? Or was it the vibe in the room?”

Tunku Varadarajan: Obama’s Eeyore Act. “It was elegant, but would it kill him to endorse winning?”

Plus, “Weirdly defensive.”

And here’s video of Chris Matthews’ West-Point-as-enemy-camp routine.

And note this from Stephen Green, above: “The tough talk about cross-border killing in Pakistan is tough, smart, and right.”

Tom Maguire: “I liked the George Bush passages on American exceptionalism the best; yes, Obama was achingly phony, but I figure he was even more annoying to lefties.”

Ouch: “OK, so he’s not as good a speaker as GWB, but he did the best he could.”

And Sarah Palin weighs in. “As long as we’re in to win, and as long as troop level decisions are based on conditions on the ground and the advice of our military commanders, I support President Obama’s decision.”

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