November 24, 2021

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Matt Margolis: Great News For Republicans in Arizona. “Without a doubt, Sinema is the Arizona Democratic Party’s best shot at holding onto the seat. Arizona is a reddish/purple state, and Sinema can’t afford to be a left-wing radical. Unfortunately for her, Arizona Democrats don’t understand this yet and may end up nominating someone who would have a much more difficult time winning in a general election instead.”

Megan Fox: Maybe Suing Everyone Isn’t the Best Idea for Kyle Rittenhouse. “The media destroyed his reputation and Sandmann has been filing (and winning) lawsuits against the media companies that did it for the last three years. So what’s the problem? Watch a few seconds of today’s Sandmann.”

Yours Truly: Panic Attack! POLITICO Warns Democrats Their ‘Entire Brand’ Is a ‘Wreck.’ “Either the White House is completely tone-deaf or they honestly have no clue about what real Americans have experienced since Biden took office (with the accent on ‘took’).”

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