June 16, 2021

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: Texans Are Getting Blackout Warnings in June. Why?

In February 2021, the entire state froze over. That demand for heat along with human errors strained and broke the grid. It was a historic disaster in which dozens died.

Now it’s June, which we know will be hot, but we also know we’re not yet at the peak of a Texas summer. It’s hitting the low 90s now. It will top 100 in July and August. This is an immutable fact of life, at least where I am in central Texas. It’s Texas. It gets hot. Hopefully, it’ll at least burn up the mosquitoes outside. But we need A/C inside or we’ll all be living in saunas.

Not only will this dog not hunt, it won’t even get up from its cool spot under the shade tree to go get a drink of water.

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