May 11, 2021

JIM TREACHER: They Wish They Knew How to Quit Trump.

So now all the people who tell themselves they hate Trump are chortling over how unpopular Trump’s blog is, instead of just ignoring it, like they would if they were actually as sick of him as they claim to be. This is because their brains are broken. I know this because my brain is broken, and even I can’t believe how crazy they are.

Either Trump is some sort of mesmerizing cult leader with literally half of America in his thrall, or he’s a useless has-been who can’t even get anybody to read his dumb blog. Make up your minds, libs.

But then, what else are the #Resistance types supposed to do these days? They wouldn’t be so obsessed with Liz Cheney right now if they didn’t need to distract us from the fact that Biden is a dud. Inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, persistent unemployment, the worst border crisis in decades… And we’re not even six months into the Biden era. If you’re old enough to remember Jimmy Carter’s presidency, this is all eerily familiar. We’re coming out of a Chinese pandemic, but now we’re being afflicted with another grim disease: malaise.

No wonder they only want to talk about Trump!

See also: the first five years of Saturday Night Live, and its obsession with Nixon and Ford, while treating Carter with the gentlest of touches.

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