March 5, 2021

GOOD LORD: Great Balls of Fire! Judges Gone Wild in the Missouri Judiciary Make Telenovelas Look Humdrum. “Judge Douglas Beach and Judge Erin Burlison have skeletons in their closets, too. For instance, Beach is a former judge on the St. Louis County Circuit Court and now works at JAMS, a mediation company that Zellweger orders petitioners in her courtroom to use at the exorbitant price of $1,200 down and $450 an hour. A whistleblower attorney in St. Louis contacted PJ Media confidentially to tell the public what is really happening in St. Louis courts. This attorney with ten years of experience told PJM, ‘If a litigant cannot pay the amount ordered, a judge has contempt power to strike all the litigant’s pleadings from a case.’ In other words, if you can’t pay for justice, you aren’t getting it. Is that what you thought justice was in America? Due process in Saint Louis County appears to be gasping for its last breath, if not dead.”

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